My weekend in streaming.

I’m finally back at my apartment after housesitting for 8 days. I was just outside of Austin, but I quickly realized that it’s really weird being away from my things, my bed, and my kitty!

If I was a homebody before, the pandemic made me MUCH more of a homebody and well, I’m back in quarantine after things in Austin (and the entire state of Texas) have taken a turn for the worse.

So what am I to do at someone else’s house all week? Aside from working of course, I took advantage of the massive TV and all the streaming services they had. Here’s what I watched:

FBoy Island

This is on HBO Max, which I have, but just hadn’t started watching it yet. But now I’ve watched all the available episodes… and I like it! I’m pretty sure it has terrible reviews, but if you’re into reality dating shows, it’s just as good as any other.

The show is hosted by comic Nikki Glaser, and there’s three women looking for love on the island. Out of 24 guys, 12 of them are self-proclaimed f-boys and the other half are nice guys. The women have to decide which guys are there for the right reasons, and send the f-boys home… and they aren’t doing a great job so far – Ha!

The Prince

Written and created by Gary Janetti — who is also the voice of Prince George — this is an animated series that’s been HIGHLY anticipated, and wow, it was worth the wait! It’s a dark satire on the royal family and it’s refreshing the places it goes. Harry gets a job at Starbucks, Meghan gets a role on “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” and Kate is a raging alcoholic. I loved it so much, I watched the entire season twice.

Cooking With Paris

This is on Netflix (which I don’t have) and it premiered this week, so I was really excited to sit down and devour this one. I have always loved Paris Hilton and still have DVDs of her reality show “The Simple Life.” I saw lots of people bashing the show online, saying it was disrespectful to actual chefs. Hmm… yeah, this show isn’t really about the cooking. It’s about Paris, her celebrity friends, and her glamorous life.

The show takes the viewer into her kitchen, which is full of crystal gadgets that she doesn’t know how to use. She makes different meals with Kim Kardashian, Nikki Glaser, Demi Lovato, Saweetie, and others. Watching this honestly brought me so much joy. Paris has been the OG influencer just for being herself, and I love it (or should I say, “That’s hot!”).

Glow Up: Britain’s Next Makeup Star | Season 3

This was on Netflix, and I just happened to see it on the home screen. I’m a makeup junkie and I love watching MUA videos, so I figured I’d start it. But, I quickly got sucked in and was rooting for a few of the artists, so I had to watch it until the end. All of the challenges were complex makeup jobs — abstract looks and lots of prosthetics! Some of it was also about period makeup and looks made for TV and music videos. It was fascinating to watch!

Lady Boss: The Jackie Collins Story

I have been a Jackie Collins fan for many years, so when I saw this was premiering on Netflix this week, I vowed to watch it. It was a CNN documentary, and there were lots of interviews with her friends and family, but also lots of home videos that really provided an inside look at her life.

Honestly, watching this really gave me a different perspective on her. The documentary covered her marriages, her kids, her books (of course), her success, and her overall mission in life. It also detailed the last bit of her life, which was sad to see, but the entire thing makes me want to read more of her books! I have read some randomly as I’ve come across them in stores or at the library, but I have always wanted to start from the beginning and read them in order of publish date. I would definitely recommend this if you’re a Jackie fan!

The Circle | Season 1

I’ve heard SO much about this show, but hadn’t watched it since it’s on Netflix. So, I decided to dive in Saturday night and honestly binged the entire season (I paused for a nap). The show puts people into an apartment building (they each have their own apartments) and they’re competing via The Circle’s social media platform to be the most popular.

Through relationships and alliances, the cast members vote players off each week, and sometimes new players come in. Some of the cast members are being true to themselves, while others are complete fakes. It is fascinating to watch their conversations and honestly, it’s hilarious. It’s an interesting take on our world today and how we all act online.

Central Park | Season 2

This is a musical animated series on Apple TV, and I actually watched season 1 several months back when I did the free trial. Season one was so cute, but now having watched season 2, I think a lot of it was the music and the novelty of it all. The plot for season 2 wasn’t enough on its own to keep me interested, but there’s still some good song and dance numbers.

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