A Review: imPRESS Color Press-On Manicure.

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We made it to Friday! I have been looking forward to this Friday for a bit because I’m headed to a friend’s house for dinner — spending time with people has been few and far between and I treasure it so much now.

My friends are actually headed out of town, so we are having dinner and then I’m house-sitting and watching their fur babies for them for the week. It’ll be like a lil staycation for me while they’re at the beach with family!

Plus, it’s Friday and who doesn’t love that?

I wanted to share my thoughts on the imPRESS Color Press-On Manicure. I know I reviewed the collab with OPI, which is very similar, but I still thought I’d share.

These are not the press-on nails that are messy with glue or fall right off. This brand has figured out how to make press-on nails that look great, but they also stay on, even if you’re hard on your nails. I wash dishes, workout, do laundry, whatever in these things and they stay on for at least 10 days — no joke.

The original imPRESS manicure was a set of medium-length nails and most of them had a solid color and then an option for an accent nail that was glittery or had a pattern.

So, the Color line is just solid colors and they are a little shorter in length. These are essentially the same product as the OPI collab, but there’s a lot more colors to choose from — and I do mean ALOT.

The OPI collab is just 10 colors, where as there are 25+ color options in the Color line. Here are the colors I got:

  • Pick Me Pink (cotton candy pink)
  • Mint to Be (light turquoise-mint)
  • Sandbox (warm-mauve-based tan)
  • Peevish Pink (a light peachy pink)
  • Baby Why So Blue (a true baby blue)
  • Taupe Prize (rich gray taupe)

I bought all of these from Ulta, but there are way more colors to choose from on the imPRESS website! There’s some great neon colors for summer, but also great options for fall such as cinnamon red and navy blue… ah!

The Color line is also only $7 for a set, while the OPI sets are $10 each. If you’re a die-hard OPI gal, I get it (and it’s still worth the $10), but they have VERY similar shades in the color line.

The other thing I wanted to note is that I always keep my extra nails. Each set comes with 30 nails and you use 10 for a set. There’s likely going to be some nails that won’t fit you at all, but I keep the others in case I lose one… but I also realized that I have so many extras I can make completely new sets with them!

[left] My Team USA nails, [right] me wearing the Why so Baby Blue set!

Last weekend, I sorted my extras (I keep them in my nail kit) and made Olympics Team USA nails using the extra from a red set (Classic imPRESS line), OPI’s Funny Bunny, Baby Why So Blue, and some of the silver glitter accent nails from an original set… and bam: red, white, blue, and silver glitter nails!

The set only comes with 1 prep pad which is key to the nails sticking… but I used pure acetone on my nails before putting on this USA set and they have stayed all week.

Just something you might consider trying if you start to get quite the collection of imPRESS nails 🙂

I hope you all have a great weekend!

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