Blanche’s Book Club: ‘One to Watch’.

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I always look forward to Thursdays because the company I work for gives us a Doordash credit to buy lunch for ourselves. Not sure if that’s sad or cool, but each week, I’ve been trying to find a different place to order from and I’ve had some delicious lunches!

Today, I’m thinking a Greek salad and lots of hummus 🙂

I have really been trying to prioritize my mental health these past six weeks or so, but it’s been a struggle lately as COVID regulations and lockdowns begin again — anyone else feeling it?

I have gotten back into meditating (via the Calm app), lowered my carb and sugar intake, and generally try to make time for myself whether it’s for a yoga class or even just taking a nap when I can. Reading is a huge part of my self-care, too!

I spent a decent chunk of time reading last weekend and have been listening to a few audiobooks this week to keep me motivated as I tackle my to-do list.

One of my latest reads was a fun one, so I figured I’d share it: “One to Watch” by Kate Stayman-London.

This book is the story of Bea, a plus-size blogger who’s had her heart broken. Like a majority of the country, though, she loves to hate on the TV show “Main Squeeze” — the book’s version of “The Bachelor” — especially since all of the contestants on the show seem the same.

Until she gets a call to be on it.

After some serious thinking, Bea decides to go on the show (she would be “The Bachelorette” -type of contestant) and show America that women of all sizes and backgrounds deserve love and respect, too.

Of course, it’s not quite as easy as it seems. I won’t give away any spoilers, but there’s a few unexpected twists that kept this book rolling.

I used to watch “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette” religiously until a few years ago. I’ve heard some things about what happens behind-the-scenes and of course, I’m not sure what’s true and what’s not, but this book captures some of that.

It’s not the best book I’ve ever read or anything, but it’s lite and fun, there’s a good bit of romance in there, and I liked thinking about the other side of these dating TV shows, even if it was a fictional view.

What books have you been reading lately?

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