A Review: OPI X Impress Color press-on Manicure.

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Hi all! Honestly, I had every intention of posting this on Friday, but my trip to San Francisco was a little more intense than what I expected.

I got back to Austin yesterday afternoon — only to discover that someone stole a package from my porch while I was gone, and that my AC is out… so today, I’ve done nothing but lay in bed (it’s 87 degrees inside) and drink water… and point the fan on me and kitty Blanche. Ugh.

But I am here!

And, I’m actually wearing a set of the OPI x imPRESS Color that I’m here to discuss.

I *think* I’ve shared my love for imPRESS press-on manicures before, and honestly, anyone I’ve recommended them to has loved them.

These are not the press-on nails that are messy with glue or fall right off. This brand has figured out how to make press-on nails that look great, but they also stay on, even if you’re hard on your nails. I wash dishes, workout, do laundry, whatever in these things and they stay on for at least 10 days — no joke.

The original imPRESS manicure was a set of medium-length nails and most of them had a solid color and then an option for an accent nail that was glittery or had a pattern.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved those, but I usually didn’t use the accent nail… so, when I saw imPRESS manicures were on-sale at Ulta about two months ago, I started looking through the options.

And what did I stumble across, but this OPI x imPRESS Color.

Apparently, I missed the new line of imPRESS which was just solid color nails offered in a shorter length. Then, on top of that, they had this collab with OPI that puts the 10 most-popular OPI shades on the imPRESS nails. WHAT.

I bought 7 colors:

  • Lincoln Park After Dark (black)
  • Funny Bunny (off-white)
  • Samoan Sand (light tan)
  • Bubble Bath (light pink)
  • Suzi Talks with her Hands (charcoal)
  • Dulce de Leche (caramel latte)
  • Alpine snow (white)

The other available shades are: Cajun Shrimp (bright coral red), Malaga Wine (wine red), and Strawberry Margarita (berry pink).

So far, I’ve worn the Samoan Sand and Funny Bunny… and I love these!

Me wearing OPI x imPRESS in “Funny Bunny”

They are still the great quality of press-on nails I know from imPRESS, but with popular solid colors, and they do not look fake at all. I even had someone say “I thought you just had great real nails) when I was wearing the Samoan Sand.

I will say that even though these are “short” in length, I’ve clipped both sets down a bit so it’s easier for me to get my contacts in and out. But, just a clip and a tiny bit of filing makes them look perfect for me.

There’s 30+ nails in each pack, so if I’m traveling, I always bring extra just in case, but usually I don’t need them.

At $10 a pack, I think this is a great way to have a salon-quality manicure for an affordable price. I am hooked!

Have you ever tried imPRESS?

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