It’s official, I’ve tried all the Recess flavors!

Before I jump in to a post about hemp-infused drinks, I want to acknowledge that yes, it’s July 4th. But, I feel strange celebrating today when our country is in crisis, and I know that many Americans truly do not enjoy the same freedoms as I do. We are not truly free until everyone is free. For more information on how to support the Black community, check out my post on fighting racism

Quarantine life has me ordering everything to my doorstep: wine, cereal, smoothies, popcorn, trail mix, and I ordered a dozen cans of Recess.

I saw Recess on a fellow blogger’s Instagram last summer and looked into it. It’s a hemp-infused beverage that’s supposed to offer calm and help you focus. It sounded cool, but it wasn’t in any shops near me.

I finally saw it in person when I grabbed some dinner before the John Mayer concert in NYC (waaaahhhhh concerts…. RIP travel adventures) and bought one.

I’m not sure what made me think of Recess again this summer — perhaps I was searching for anything nostalgic? Anyway, I saw I could order them online and they offer free shipping!

The pomegranate hibiscus is what I drank in New York, but they have six flavors, including coconut lime, blood orange, black cherry, peach ginger, and blackberry chai.

I ordered an 8-pack of the pomegranate hibiscus plus a sampler pack so I could taste the others.

Here’s the scoop on the ingredients:

we made Recess to help ease the ups and downs of modern times. hemp and adaptogens interact with our endocannabinoid system to help our body maintain equilibrium and homeostasis. we chose a specific group of adaptogens known for their ability to help manage stress and promote a feeling of calm and focus when you need it most. what you’re left with can only be described as a feeling: calm, cool, collected.

Cans of Recess have hemp, American ginseng, L-theanine, and lemon balm. All of these ingredients work to reduce the feeling of stress and create calm.

The taste of Recess is sort of like a flavored soda water, but better. Having now tasted all the flavors, I can say coconut lime is my favorite followed by the pomegranate hibiscus. Black cherry is also delicious. I liked the blood orange and the peach ginger (the ginger is lite; I don’t really like ginger so I was worried). I didn’t like the blackberry chai, but I’m starting to think I just do not like chai.

All of the flavors are refreshing and natural tasting; they’re not overly powerful or too sweet.

As someone who’s constantly feeling some sort of stress or anxiety, this is a really nice option to turn to, especially during these times. I like knowing I can get a little bit of calm, right from my fridge.

I still have several cans left, but I’ll be placing another order. Once things open up again, I’ll venture out — it looks like some stores near me now carry it! You can look up your zip code here and see if there’s any near you.

Have you tried any hemp drinks or something similar?

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