5 Questions I have for the ‘Insecure’ season 4 premier.

Happy Easter! I hope you all have found a meaningful way to celebrate today; no matter how weird it may seem. I’m not hugely religious, but I have always tried to do something special for myself on Easter — usually cooking a spring-inspired meal — and this year I really wanted to make sure I continued that tradition.

I got some stuff to make mimosas for an Easter brunch (I got everything at Walgreen’s, so there’s bubbly in a can and whatever orange drink was in the cooler section), some festive candy, and am meeting a friend via the House Party app.

But I am also REALLY excited for the season four premier of “Insecure” on HBO tonight! It’s been two whole years since season three and we’ve waited long enough; I have so many questions that need to be answered and thoughts that deserve addressing…

But first, I should say that in preparation for tonight’s premier, I went back and started with episode one and watched ’em all.

Of course, there’s so many great scenes, one-liners and songs (the music is one of my favorite parts about “Insecure”)… but I really love all of the nicknames for the men Issa and Molly date: “Cat-BAE” and “Rent-a-boo” – ha!

Hey yo! What y’all mother fuckers doin’ with that bouch?!”

But I have thoughts and questions from season three that I’m hoping will be addressed (at some point) in season four. Here goes:

What is Issa going to do for cash? In season three, Issa left “We Got Y’all” sort of on a whim, and honestly, I was thinking she’d end up at the musical arts non-profit (she had an interview in the finale). Instead, she started working on a block party in her neighborhood, but was overwhelmed by the planning and permits. From the description of the season four premier, it looks like she’s continuing with this plan, but we’ll have to see if there’s a long-term solution here.

Will we see Nathan this season? I really liked Nathan. He seemed refreshing and was a welcomed departure from Daniel and Lawrence… until he ghosted Issa and left us all wondering what his problem was. He returned in the finale with a dumb excuse and Issa smartly blew him off. But will he make an appearance? I feel split. I can see her just moving forward, but there seems to be loads of unfinished business. I mean, what WAS he doing in Houston??

How often will we see Tiffany and/or her baby? In the second-half of season three, Tiffany separates from the group. She says she feels left out because she’s pregnant, while Molly, Issa and Kelly are the ones left out when they arrive at the baby shower and see Tiffany has an entirely new group of “mom friends.”

Who will get more camera time: Daniel or Lawrence? I think we are all done with Lawrence, right? I mean, sure, he was getting his life together, but he really has no more skin in this game. He’s on good terms with Issa, and she is no longer interested in getting back with him. I was okay with him being around until he showed up at the birthday dinner with his weird work girlfriend and messed up the table settings. Boy, bye.

I know lots of “Insecure” fans are also done with Daniel, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy his storyline in season three. He’s pretty hot, successful, and I think him and Issa make an interesting pair. Of course, I think the season can survive without him (or Lawrence), but I’d appreciate a closing b-roll for him, at the very least.

Will Molly continue with Dro or will she give Andrew a chance? Molly apologizes to Andrew in the season finale, but it’s not clear whether or not she’ll go out with him again. I think Andrew is fine AF, and I love his wit, but does Molly deserve him? That’s likely the real question for season four. When we last saw Dro, she kicked him out of her apartment, but Molly is always moving in circles. I’ll be proud of her if we never see him again, but he is easy on the eyes, too.

I’m honestly just so pumped to watch, no matter what happens! My real beef is with the 30-minute episodes. We need an hour or more episodes, because there is way too much to unpack after two years. But I’ll take it; I’m desperate for content and we’ve all been waiting.

Let me know what you’re looking forward to this season!

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