Patti Stanger: she’s baaaack!

Patti Stanger is back on WE!
Patti Stanger is back on WE!

I do realize the blog has been rather TV-heavy lately, so if you’re not a TV fan, I half-heartedly apologize…because, after all, this IS my blog, and I do love TV! Since I’m not out spending money, I’m either at the pool reading or inside on the couch, so that’s the story for now. I’ll have a new excuse come winter.

Anyway, something bad had to happen in order for me to discover that Patti Stanger is back on TV. And that bad thing was when AT&T UVerse decided to cancel my access to the Logo network about a month ago. AT&T all-of-the-sudden decided to make Logo and Esquire channels only available to those on the U300 (and higher) packages… which is complete bullshit.

Not only did I regularly watch Logo – for binges of “Will & Grace”, “RuPaul’s Drag Race”, and super old episodes of “Daria”, but AT&T didn’t lower my monthly rate. So I’m paying the same amount for less channels. Not cool.

I have also Tweeted to AT&T regarding my unhappiness, and I’ve chatted with them via their website, and they’re still sticking to their guns that nothing in my cable offering will change. Bastards.

Here’s the thing… I have all of the seasons of “Will & Grace” on DVD, but it’s way easier and more convenient to just set my DVR to record the episodes as they come on TV. So, I was looking through the TV Guide to see if any other channels had it, and I saw WE played it a few times a week. Win!

So, as I was checking what’s on WE – I see a show called “Million Dollar Matchmaker”, with a picture of Patti Stanger as the icon. I wasn’t aware that she left, or was forced to leave, Bravo – but I always enjoyed watching her show “Millionaire Matchmaker”. So, I set my DVR to record the next episode, and luckily, the new show had just started.

Here’s a description of the show from WE TV: Each episode features two wealthy clients checking into the breathtaking luxury property in North County San Diego, Harrah’s Resort Southern California, where they quickly, and unwittingly, embark on their “love lesson,” custom tailored challenges designed by Patti and her team to reveal what they are doing wrong. Patti then meets one-on-one with each millionaire for a “reality check,” an in-depth review of his or her surprise date, where she delivers her particular brand of tough love, with sometimes brutally honest feedback. Finally, Patti will introduce each high-profile client to her two matches. If all goes well, the millionaire and his or her potential match will be on their way to happily ever after.

So, this show is much more structured than the previous one; and some parts of it do seem a little staged, like when the clients have to wait for the knock on the door to see if their date wants the coveted second date – or will it be the matchmaker delivering the bad news? But hey, I’m all about a little drama on TV.

One thing I noticed in the episodes I’ve seen so far is that there’s been no mention of Patti’s love life – and she’s no longer wearing her promise ring from David. So I googled, and found that they broke up last summer. Sad! I really liked them together and definitely thought they were going to get married, eventually.

I think Patti is intimidating to men; she’s a really successful business woman, but even though she’s a matchmaker, I think she struggles finding a match for herself – you know what they say, those who cannot do, teach. However, I’m rooting for Patti, and in the meantime, I’ll be watching her show – it airs Friday nights on WE at 10/9 central.

Per usual, I hope you all have a great weekend! I’m planning on getting some rest and relaxation in, probably hitting the pool, and perhaps getting some work done on my script?! We’ll see 🙂 Catch me right back here on Monday!

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