Back to it: Online dating.

Online and offline dating.
Online and offline dating.

I recently logged into my OK Cupid account after not touching it for two months, because 1. I was seeing someone that I thought would turn into something, and 2. The email account which I signed up with was definitely one I don’t have access to anymore since “the incident.” Oops!

I joined Ok Cupid several months ago, though it wasn’t my first stint with online dating — I gave a try when my ex and I broke up. I figured it was another way to put myself “out there” and if anything, it would be a good way to practice meeting people and going on dates.

But proved to be one expensive way to get rejected (read it all here), so I decided to give a free service a try. Within 48 hours of creating a profile, I had more than 50 messages. Way more than I’d ever gotten through Match.

Of course, most of them (the messages) are… interesting. As a writer, and an editor, I TRY not to be judgmental when it comes to the actual writing, spelling, or grammar (“Hey, you’re cute and you like too fish!!”) of the message. I know not everyone is decent at it (but there is a spellcheck within the app).

However, one thing that’s startling about online dating is how rude people are. I suppose, just like with anything else, people feel okay sitting behind their computer/phone screens and being mean to people they’ve never met.

But I’ve noticed guys get really, really pissed when you don’t respond to messages immediately. Here’s a few I’ve gotten:

  • I like that your main profile picture has the address of your your blog about what jackasses the guys you meet are 
  • Well I guess you are too good to speak to me. My apologies for bothering you. Have a nice life.
  • Haha it was whore I Catfished u I’m married bye loser hahah 🙂
  • How’s the luck here? Is the line long to get to know you or are you here just for chatting fun?

The funny thing about Ok Cupid is that you can see when someone logs in, what time they read your message (if they read it), and when they’re on- or offline. So, hey dudes, when I haven’t logged in for a day, or haven’t even read your message yet (!), how about picking up a hobby or two instead of staring at the computer screen waiting for chicks to reply?

Just a thought.

Nevertheless, I’m back online! In general, I’ve met up with maybe three guys from my adventures in online dating, and while none of them panned out to be relationships, they were all good experiences that I’ve learned from. Nothing wrong with that!

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