Fresh Friday: Nirvana (white).

That's what we all look like sleeping.
That’s what we all look like sleeping.

Eeek — it’s the first Fresh Friday of 2015! I promise I’ll stop getting over the fact that it’s a new year; I think part of my shock and awe is from the fact that I’ve been working every single day, so I have no idea what day it is most of the time.

But! None of that matters today, because it’s FRIDAY, and I’ve been wearing Nirvana by Elizabeth and James all freaking week — it smells fantastic!

For Christmas, I got one of those awesome perfume sampler boxes from Sephora, and it has eight great scents to add to my collection. I have been dying to try the Nirvana duo by Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, so I finally got my chance.

As described by Sephora, “Elizabeth and James Nirvana White is a captivating blend of delicate peony, chic muguet, and tender musk for a feminine scent with dark sophistication.

Launched in 2007, Elizabeth and James embodies the duality of sophistication and feminine detail balanced with downtown edge and masculine tailoring. The fashion brand’s contemporary-yet-timeless aesthetic offers the modern girl clothing and accessories that make stylish everyday dressing effortless.

Ashley and Mary-Kate wanted the signature fragrance for Elizabeth and James to embody the same sense of duality inherent to their partnership and the brand. The result was not one, but two blends—distinctly different, but undeniably connected.”

Nirvana White is light, but complex. My only complaint is that it’s so light, it doesn’t last all day. But overall, I really love this scent — it’s good to wear to work, where I don’t want to wear something overbearing.

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