Happy New Year!

Party hardy.
Party hardy.

YASH! I made it to 2015! I swear, there were times when I didn’t think this day would ever come — I have never been so excited for a new year, in hopes that it will bring new opportunities, new memories, perhaps new places, and new people. I am so excited!

Last year, I mentioned I was going to try and shake this blog up by being more open and personal, and by also offering a bunch of new posts, such as the Celeb Crush, Single Girl Recipe, Boyfriend Recipe, Woman You Should Know profiles, Survival Guides, and a Pic of the Week.

Not to toot my own horn, but I think I did just that!

This year, I am going to keep all of those features — because they are so fun to write — and of course, continue my promise to always be open and honest. Aside from possibly adopting a new blog design, I’m not planning on shaking things up too much, but I do want to up my YouTube game and offer a video companion to The Bitter Lemon.

So, why not start now? Introducing The Bitter Lemon: The Vlog!

Check out the video to hear all about my goals and resolutions for 2015. And with that, I’ll just leave you with this: I hope you have a happy and safe new year. Make some goals that are worth working for, and I look forward to celebrating your successes (and sharing mine) this year!

Let’s do this, 2015!


  1. Matthew

    WHOOOO! Vlog! (as I hang my head in shame from the lack of keeping up with mine…)

    One – I’d be game to being a vlog guest.

    Two – if you want any sort of help/advice/etc. regarding the vlog just let me know; perhaps a opening sequence, graphics…whatnot. Always willing to lend some of my video production education out.

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