Pic of the Week.

I spy a homemade scarf!

A few weeks ago, someone posted a link on Facebook to instructions on how to make a hand-knitted infinity scarf. And by hand-knitted, I mean, using your hands instead of knitting needles.

So, last weekend I finally got around to purchasing some yarn and sitting down to see if I could complete the scarf. Now, I’ve never learned to knit or crochet… hell, I’m not even good at cross-stitch. So, I watched and read many sets of instructions before things started going right.

But, I really thought the scarf was cute and if I could make one look good, then it would be a good option for inexpensive, yet thoughtful Christmas gifts.

So, I kept going. And eventually, I got the hang of it.

While the instructions say the scarf will take only 30 minutes, it took me probably 90, and what the directions fail to mention is that you’ll be tied up for this time — literally, your hands are tied together with 12 loops of wool. So, pee before attempting, and lock up any wild lions (ahem, Blanche) that may be wandering your apartment trying to off your hand-knitting game.

While you can’t tell in the picture, my scarf is five feet long, and can loop around my neck twice. It’s about a foot wide, so it’s very thick and warm. I used the Lion Brand wool in “Oatmeal,” and it took two entire packs to create my scarf. One pack would be enough for one loop, or one of those cool cowl neck scarfs.

I can also wear it looped once, and it’s big enough to be a shirt, but it looks pretty cool. I will definitely be making more of these, as it was only $10 for two packs of yarn. If you want to get together for some hand knitting, let me know — I’m always down to create something cool (or warm)!


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