2/50 Shades: Cosmo Confetti.

Covergirl's Cosmo Confetti
Covergirl’s Cosmo Confetti

My overflowing collection of pink lip products has been screaming at me to share another shade of pink with you! For the second shade in this series, I could not help but share “Cosmo Confetti” from Covergirl.

Why? Because I’ve been wearing it DAILY for the last two weeks! Cosmo Confetti is from Covergirl’s Queen Collection, with looks and colors created for darker skin. The line is represented by Queen Latifah.

The jumbo gloss balm
The jumbo gloss balm

And while I have fair skin, Cosmo Confetti is offered as a jumbo gloss balm, which is basically a giant lip crayon — my first experience with a lip crayon — and it goes on sheer (no need to bother with a mirror), so even though the color on the packaging looks bright, it’s totally an acceptable hue for all skin tones, and occasions.

I also love this lip product because it really is a “gloss balm,” as it adds moisture and shine to my lips, all at once — who doesn’t appreciate that? Especially with the cool temps quickly approaching!

The only downside? There is no scent, or flavor, like a typical gloss usually offers. It smells/tastes just like lipstick. So, there’s that.

While we’re talking all-things-pink, what’s the rule about rocking pink in the fall months? Can it be done? Of course!

I found a great article on Glamour.com, which explains that those old fashion rules, especially when it comes to colors, are right on out the door. So go ahead, wear your girly hues all year ’round!

And always, always remember to follow the only fashion rule that matters: Whatever you wear, own it.

—Christina Perez, Glamour 

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