Favorite Songs to Sing.

One of my favorite movies, “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids,” has a scene that I will never forget — probably because I’m guilty of doing this on the reg. It’s the scene where Amy is mopping the kitchen… but really doing more singing, using the mop as her microphone.

Whether it’s in my car on the way to work or the gym, or just in my kitchen cleaning or making coffee, I like to pretend I actually have talent, and sometimes I even dance, or dedicate a song to Blanche.

Hey, I didn’t say I was proud about it. And so, I’ve put together a list of my favorite songs to sing to. If you think about it, let me know what songs you’re jamming to, and I’ll give them a whirl.

“Coffee” by Copeland

Ah, Copeland. I used to really, really be into indie and punk music, and it holds a special place in my heart. While I love a lot of Copeland songs, this one is one of my favorites, because it reminds me of growing up (and dating) as a teenager in Indiana.

Plus, I love coffee! Give it a listen, here.

We do the best in a small town, act like kids in love when the sun goes down. 

—Copeland, Coffee

“Curbside Prophet” by Jason Mraz

While I’m not a huge fan of Jason Mraz’s new stuff, I really used to be obsessed. I love this song, because it sounds kind of funky and folky all at once, which is rare. I have listened to it so many times, I’ve memorized all of the silly phrases, and it’s really fun to sing.

Check it out here. 

See, I’m a down home brother, redneck undercover, with my guitar here, I’m ready to play. 

—Jason Mraz, Curbside Prophet 

“Falling Down” by Fort Frances

This is one of my favorite tracks by Fort Frances, and I love how it’s calming, but it’s got such a great melody. The lyrics are really what get me on this one though (listen here).

Remember the maps I stretched out on the kitchen floor? I heard you ask, ‘Where’ve you been? Who’ve you loved before?’

—Fort Frances, Falling Down 

“Fill Me In” by Craig David

If this song doesn’t get stuck in your head, there’s got to be some sort of chemical imbalance, because this track is so freakin’ catchy! It’s definitely a song made for high school kids, but I often feel like I’m still there… the bonus about this song? Craig David’s voice is so smooth!

All they seem to do is be checkin’ up on you, baby. Watching our every move, think some day they might approve, baby. 

—Craig David, Fill Me In 

“Fuck Me Pumps” by Amy Winehouse

It’s not my favorite Any WInehouse song, but it sure is fun to sing. It makes me think of being in college, and even now, if I go out, I see women that fit her exact description (listen here).

Cause you all look the same, everyone knows your name, and that’s your whole claim to fame.

—Amy Winehouse, Fuck Me Pumps 

“If I Ever Get Around to Living” by John Mayer

Even though this is one one of his never albums, it is one of my favorite tracks. When I saw the Born & Raised tour (3 times), I wished he would play it, and he did, every time! This song just resonates so much with me, and that’s why I love singing it.

If I ever get around to living, it’s gonna be just like I dreamed. I’m gonna take the love I’m given, and set it free.

—John Mayer, If I Ever Get Around to Living 

Sing it, girl.
Sing it, girl.

“One Call Away” by Chingy

A friend of mine in college used to get such a kick out of the fact that I. LOVE. CHINGY. But I do, and I can’t help what I like. Is it weird that I think this song is kind of sweet?

Told her ‘I going home,’ she said, ‘Can I go, too?’ I’m like, ‘Yeah, boo, I can’t do without you.’

—Chingy, One Call Away 

“Can I Get A Fuck You” by Jay-Z, featuring Ja Rule

Seriously. This is one of the best rap songs. Ever. Like, ever. I absolutely know all of the words and I love blaring this one in my car. early Jay-Z is way better than whoever he’s trying to be now, and Ja Rule? Yessir.

It ain’t even a question how my dough flows, I’m good to these bad hoes.

—Ja Rule, Can I Get A Fuck You

“Konstantine” by Something Corporate

Probably cliche, as I know everyone freaking loves this song. But I love it. And if I didn’t have to work ever again, I would completely be even more cliche and have all of these lyrics tattooed onto my body.

And I had these dreams, I learned to play guitar, maybe cross the country, become a rock star. 

—Konstantine, Something Corporate 

“Nice & Slow” by Usher

Again, cliche, as I’m sure everyone knows this song. But damn, is it a good one. Usher could not be sexier, and this song is evidence of that.

Let me take you to a place nice and quiet, where there ain’t no one there to interrupt.

—Usher, Nice & Slow

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