Is This Blog Ruining My Dating Chances?

If this hottie is reading my blog, there's no problem.

If this hottie is reading my blog, there’s no problem.

This question popped into my head when I started writing about relationships for my college newspaper. In the three years I served as “The” relationship columnist, I went on many dates.

And sometimes, the men on those dates asked me: “Is this going to be in Monday’s paper?”

Chances are, no, it wasn’t. But if it went horribly, or if I had some kind of revelation, then maybe it would be. I could never tell if this idea turned these guys off or on.

Since then, a lot of my life has been chronicled on this blog (and others), in the pages of my books, on my podcast, and in my new column for Dig magazine.

Recently, I went out for drinks with an old (male) friend, who asked me if my career as a relationship writer would keep me from getting involved in a serious relationship.

Uh, is that what people think of me? Really? 

Sure, being single brings up a lot of material…when you have dates to go on and stories to tell. But sometimes, like now, it’s slim pickin’. While some people look at relationships as smooth sailing, but there’s always things to be learned mid-relationship.

Lord knows I had a (literal) book of information about my last relationship. And I know, if I’m ever lucky to find someone to spend the rest of my life with, we’ll be learning how to better our relationship until we’re dead.

But until then, I’ve got to deal with the NOW, and currently, that means, that yes, a lot (not all, trust me) of my dating adventures are part of my career—that’s just the way the cookie crumbles.

And, if someone goes on a single date with me, and then decides to spend a few hours on my blog or my Twitter feed, he’s going to witness the darkness (and of course, bitterness) that is my dating past.

But that’s me—even the embarrassing stuff—and I have always been an open book. Pun intended.

I know that I just have to trust that there’s someone out there, who is willing to put up with my past (if necessary), and is excited about my writing—even if it involves him.


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