Pic of the Week.

My bargain beauty finds.
My bargain beauty finds.

Pictures like this could probably be my “Pic of the Week” nearly every seven days. I absolutely love (LOVE) bargain shopping, but I particularly love hunting for beauty products at stores like Dollar Tree and Big Lots.

Part of this is out of necessity. I just cannot afford, or justify, spending $20-$50 on a single beauty product. I won’t even spend more than a few dollars on nail polish.

Some of the fun in my beauty bargain adventures is, of course, saving massive amounts of money, while still looking just as pretty as the girls slapping down major credit cards. But the other part of my high is that because the products are so cheap, I’m more likely to try different things.

Neon green nail art pen? Yep, $1.

In the picture, you’ll see my latest grab bag, with products all from Dollar Tree. I got fake nails (with glitter cheetah print on them), nail glue, three bottles of polish, a base coat, a top coat, and various nail glitter (which I have already used).

I switch up my nail color (and have recently been adding nail art and 3D elements) at least once a week, sometimes twice, so arguing with me about the lifetime of my cheap polish isn’t necessary.

When I get products from Big Lots, chances are, the brands are still decent, such as Cover Girl, Revlon, and Neutrogena. The Dollar Tree brands might be sub-par, but when it comes to glitter and eye shadow, I’m not concerned about it.

Take into consideration, my curious cat, who just a few weeks ago, knocked one of my eyeshadow palettes (I love these) off my bathroom counter. At first, I was upset, because I loved the colors, and they were all broken and smudged together, but then I remembered that I got it from Big Lots, and it was only $2.

My friend Ashley joined me on my latest adventure, and we bonded over our bargain finds—I think both of us left the store feeling like we stole something. If you’re someone who only goes for the high-end stuff, I’d dare you to give something less-expensive a chance. I think you’d be surprised to find that the stuff inside is just the same.


  1. Anna

    A compact of 10 glittery spring eyeshadows, light to dark, $2; pastel yellow nail polish, $1; wish I’d bought more!!! – Bit Lots in BR!

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