Pic of the Week.

Angela, me, Charlotte, Sheena, and Ryan Gosling.
Angela, me, Charlotte, Sheena, and Ryan Gosling.

Last week, I was so lucky to have my best friends—Angela and Sheena—in town from Indiana. The two of them were deep in winter depression (I’m really believing that’s a thing) and drove the 12 hours South to get to Baton Rouge.

While the two of them have visited me several times before, they’d never been here at the same time. The three of us, along with some of my in-town friends, had a blast! We had lots and lots of drinks, went to brunch at Mason’s Grill, traveled to the Abita Brew Pub, played hours of Bullshit and Apples to Apples, indulged in Zippy’s 44-ounce margaritas, went to Les Bon Temps for the Eclectic Truth Poetry Slam, and watched the finale of The Bachelor together.

We also celebrated Sheena’s birthday, which is March 25, by having a homemade dinner, drinks (duh), a strawberry-creamcheese king cake, and gifts—enter: Ryan Gosling. Okay, so it’s the Ryan Gosling in paper doll form, but it’s pretty legit, if you’re into that kind of thing.

Take Ryan Gosling with you...EVERYWHERE.
Take Ryan Gosling with you…EVERYWHERE.

Sheena and Angela were also in town on the night of my last blog class for the semester. As a treat for my students, I asked local blogger Charlotte Tryforos of Living Well On The Cheap to come speak.

While I had never met Charlotte in-person, I felt like we were friends because I’ve been following her blog for awhile. Funny story, actually: a coworker of mine asked me if I read her blog, and I said no, but checked it out, and loved it. Then I read that she lived right here in Baton Rouge!


I don’t have many friends who blog, so it was a delight to meet and talk to her face-to-face. and then I got to hear how she started blogging, and how she maintains her (awesome) blog.


I had such a great time with my friends, and I was sad to see them drive away. I usually only get to see them once or twice each year, since we live so far apart from each other. However, these two women are ones I’ve known since 6th grade, and as time has taught us, nearly nothing can pull us apart.

Sometimes I wish we all lived in the same city so my life could be like last weekend all of the time—when I’m with them, I feel like my other worries disappear. I feel supported. But I know we are where we are for a reason, even if it’s just for the simple fact that our annual visits are more appreciated.


  1. Matthew

    This made me think of the rare opportunities I’m able to get together with two of my closest guy friends from high school. Since a Vegas trip in 2004, there have only been 3 other times all three of us have been in the same place, at the same time.

    Also…I find it funny that I have Sheena’s b-day written on my work calendar from when you gave it to me last year for some reason. Which on that note, I’m still a little behind on sending you something for your b-day; or something KC in response to the epic king cake from last year…

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