Pic of the Week.

My fancy new microphone.
My fancy new microphone.

Last week, my podcast co-host, Ethan, was so kind as to send me a gift: a Snowball Microphone!

Currently, Ethan and I are hosting our podcast, Learning From Strangers, for free, but we are investing our time (mostly Ethan’s) and money (again, mostly Ethan’s) into this, hoping it boosts our numbers when it comes to our writing ventures.

Both of us are bloggers, and write lots about relationships—those mysterious things we’re all trying to figure out. But our podcast brings together two viewpoints that don’t often meet: one from a married man’s brain, and the other from a single girl’s eyes.

Not to blow smoke up my ass, but I think so far, we’ve done a great job. While we do think of show topics in advance, we never have a script, or really talking points. We just start talking, and eventually come to some sort of end.

So far, we’ve talked about creepiness, cats, drinking, new year’s resolutions, fashion, the friend-zone, and virginity. And there’s lots more fun stuff to chat about!

It has to be said that Learning From Strangers is an international podcast, as I am in Louisiana and Ethan is in Berlin. So, since we record with an ocean between us, the sound was inevitably different.

And, since Ethan hosts other podcasts and is an overall geek, his side of the conversation sounded way better than mine. I was just using my built-in microphone and a set of headphones I won at Dave & Busters (no, seriously), and you could kind of tell.

Enter: my new fancy pants Blue Snowball Microphone!

I know it seems pretty dorky to get so excited over a microphone, but I’ve never really invested in cool technology aside from my blog—and even those were minor.

We’ve recorded one podcast with it (on women making the first move), and I think you’ll be able  to tell a difference in the sound quality.

I hope that this investment is a sign of good things to come!

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