Pic of the week.

IMG-20140118-00228Yes, those would be sequined hot pants.

Saturday night, my friend was celebrating a birthday and rented a driver and a bus to tote 20 of his friends around to the finest bars in Baton Rouge (read: The Cadillac).

We all planned to wear as much black clothing as possible to “mourn” his 40th birthday. And so, I couldn’t think of a better excuse to wear my sparkly shorts, along with a few other fun things.

What you see:

I wore my sequined shorts with a sheer black top, that was beaded and sequined (double sequins!)  plus a plain black blazer, and gold accessories.

While my outfit wasn’t warm on that chilly night, I sure had fun wearing it! I actually woke up the next morning still wearing it, as I was face down in my bed, as if I’d walked in the front door and fell right into bed.

A true sign of a good night.


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