Pookie’s story.

With each day that I was on Match, I felt like I had viewed so many (hundreds) of profiles, that I was confusing people that I met with people on Match.

When I’d see a waiter at a restaurant, I wondered if I’d seen him on Match, or was I just insane? Or did I meet him before? Or perhaps he’s always been my waiter. It was confusing.

I felt this way when I went just about anywhere; including the gym.

During my routine gym class after work one day, I noticed a guy staring at me in the mirror.

“Damn, WHY does he look familiar?” I asked myself.

Was it because he was a member at my gym? Had I seen him out?

No…this was a guy from Match. I knew this for sure.

It wasn’t just any guy from Match. It was a guy who’d reached out to me.

And his username was “Pookie.”

Pookie was one of the first users to hit me up on Match. He checked out my profile, sent me a wink, and a message, all within my first few days.

Despite us having a 100% compatibility (according to Match), I wasn’t interested. To tell you the truth, his profile picture kind of creeped me out.

When I didn’t respond to his initial email, he sent me another one, “How are you dealing with this HEAT?” he asked.

I was confused. We live in Louisiana. It’s always fucking hot.

I ignored it once again.

A few days later, he asked me to “chat” when I was online.

I obliged. Let’s see what this dude is all about.

“Hey,” I said.

“How are you dealing with this HEAT?” he asked.

Was this is winning line?

“We live in Louisiana,” I said.

“I just got back from the mountains,” he said.


So now here we were, at the same gym, apparently taking the same class on the regular…why hadn’t I noticed him before?

I’ll say this: I normally don’t pay attention to people at the gym, so there’s that.

But now that we’d noticed each other, it was a little awkward.

In the weeks since, I’ve seen Pookie almost every other day, staring at me pretty much every time I look in the mirror.

At first, he could have gotten away with just being honest, approaching me and saying, “Hey, I recognize you from Match…”

But the more time that passed, the more awkward it’s been, and now it’s just ridiculous.

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