Fall-ing in love.

One thing I’ve learned in my years as a single person is that love doesn’t just come from dating someone. Love comes in all forms.

One thing I love is fall, and all kinds of goodies that come along with it. Here are a few of my fall loves:

1. Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Latte 

This is the 10-year anniversary of the beloved pumpkin pick-me-up, made with espresso, pumpkin-flavored syrup, and steamed milk. I like to order mine with soy milk instead, but I always go for the whipped cream because it’s got a small sprinkling of nutmeg! Yum!

2. Boots

Okay, so we don’t get traditional “fall” weather in Louisiana, but it’s socially acceptable to put your boots on and stomp around like a boss. And I do.

I have quite a collection of different boots, but lately, I love riding boots. I am currently drooling over these over-the-knee suede boots by Balmain (that I will never afford):


Here’s a more budget-friendly pair from Steve Madden.

3. Anything & everything pumpkin

I know I already mentioned the Pumpkin Spice Latte, but I love everything pumpkin—recipes, candles, and carving! Last year, I made a delicious batch of pumpkin muffins, as well as pumpkin-cranberry bread in my crockpot (try this recipe).

My friend has a pumpkin-carving party every year, and I’m so excited to chose my design and pick the perfect pumpkin to decorate my dining room table.

4. Jackets

Again, Louisiana weather doesn’t usually warrant a jacket until late October or November, but I do love a jacket! Over the years, I’ve collected some cute pieces including a grey and white houndstooth jacket with an oversized collar as well as a royal blue peacoat from Guess.

This season, I’m on the hunt for a plaid jacket fit for a lumberjack:


I’m also looking for a badass leather, or faux leather, jacket; I am kind of loving this one from Victoria’s Secret:


5. Turning off the AC

I am very stingy when it comes to my electricity bill, so I will be glad to give my AC a rest and spend the extra cash on the above-mentioned fashion picks.

6. Using the fireplace…kind of

I live in a small apartment in the heart of Baton Rouge; and although I absolutely love my apartment, I sometimes wish it had a fireplace. I solved this problem last winter when I asked for a “Fireplace DVD” and my loving mother happily purchased one for me.

So when I’m in the mood to curl up with a book, I turn on my fireplace DVD (complete with crackling wood sound-effects) and snuggle up. I’m not going to lie, it actually does feel warmer when it’s on.

7. Apples

People often forget that apples are in season, and I absolutely love making my own apple cider every year (it makes your house smell wonderful), biting into a sweet ‘n sour caramel apple, and baking any apple treat I can (I love apple and cranberry pie).

8. Scarves 

A scarf is not only a wise accessory, but it’s also a cool way to transition your summer wardrobe into fall. Plus, let’s face it, they just look cool. Worried about tying it up all unique? Just get an infinity loop scarf and toss your worries to the wind:


9. Colors

Growing up in indiana, I was spoiled with the beautiful changing leaves around me—I took it for granted. We don’t have such beauties in Louisiana. Instead, I’ll settle for fall makeup hues. A personal favorite? Nail polishes!

I love Butter London’s nontraditional take on the season:


Those are my fall loves, what are some of yours?



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