meeting people.

Once I “Favorited” the 12 guys, it didn’t take long before a few of them sent me messages.

The first guy, one I called “The Ginger,” was attractive, and worked as a freelance photographer.

Creatives attracted to creatives—no surprise there.

We emailed back and forth 3 or 4 times, and I was ready to meet. I told myself that I was going to suggest meeting up pretty quick, because that’s why I signed up in the first place.

The last thing I wanted to do was spend time emailing someone, get invested, and then meet them and not feel a spark.

But just as I was about to ask The Ginger if he was ready to meet up, he quit responding to my messages.

No need to get down, though, because I had also been messaging with a guy I like to call “The Photographer.”

Yes, I know The Ginger was a photographer, but this guy worked on films. Actual films. Not porn. I think.


He was cute. But he only had two photos on his profile…sketchy, but hey.

We emailed back and forth several times. The only reason I didn’t suggest meeting up before I did (more on this later), was because he was always out of town.

Sign of a Catfish? Maybe.

After nearly 10 days on Match, with little luck, I wondered if I needed to be more aggressive.

A friend of mine, who tried Match, told me she let all of the guys come to her, and she felt like if she would have been more proactive, she would have gotten more dates.

Mind you, she still got dates. I was still waiting.

So, my friend and I sat down in front of my computer again, and after a few glasses of wine, I started to message nearly every guy that seemed a single bit of interesting.

Comfort zone? Psshhhh…who needs one!

I fell into bed that night, buzzed, and delighted to see a reply from “The Tall Guy.”

His profile said he loved to cook, so I asked him what his go-to meal was. His reply included one of my all-time favorite foods: sweet potatoes.


I responded the next day, and when he replied he said he was only on to meet people, so why not meet up?

DAMN, who was this guy? Apparently just the person I needed to talk to.

So we scheduled a time to meet a few days later, a Sunday, at a local coffee shop…


  1. mypotl

    Haha I love your blog- Ive just started writing mine – I am going on thirty blind dates, set up by 30 wannabe matchmakers- all of whom are trying to find me my Potential One True Love- it would be great if you could take a look, follow and spread the word. Good luck in your search! xx

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