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A Review: FitFabFun Editor’s Box Summer 2018

Hey there! I have been polling my followers on Instagram – I want to offer the content you guys want to see – and the results are in: more beauty content. I was getting ready for work one day and realized that although I’m a beauty junkie, I don’t really talk much about the products […]


Birthday goodies!

That’s right, I celebrated a birthday earlier this month. While I don’t like to make a big scene about my birthday, I was really excited to be surrounded by cakes, balloons, and I even got sung to, twice! Lucky, lucky girl right here. I usually spend my birthday with reflection heavy on the brain, but […]


Holly-day Faves.

I know tomorrow is Christmas Eve, making today Christmas Eve-Eve, so this list of my “Holiday Favorites” is a liiiiiitle late. But hey, Christmas came early this year, right? Anyway, here’s a few things I love about the holiday season: 1. Holiday scents. Of course I love buying holiday candles that make my home smell […]