My 2020 Christmas List.

Dear Santa,

It’s been a bit of a crap year. So, I’m asking for things to make me feel better. Because who knows what 2021 will bring. So, I need kitchen stuff to eat my feelings and makeup just in case we’re allowed to leave the house again.

See you soon.


Pratt Daddy Crystals x Bombee Bath Bombs

This year, I’ve gotten more into crystals and have made some purchases from Pratt Daddy Crystals. Well, they recently partnered with Bombee to create bath bombs that have a crystal inside. Whaaaaat?! Many people do put crystals in their bath water — do the research first, some crystals can’t survive the water — so this is perfect! They have several scents, but I asked for any one of them 🙂

Wine Wands

I came across Pure Wine’s Wine Wands from another blogger and I immediately knew I wanted to try them. At the start of lockdown, I got a monthly subscription to Winc Wine Club and have been loving getting regular wine deliveries right to my door. But I quickly realized that wine often makes me sneeze. Turns out, it’s an allergy to the sulfates and/or histamines in the wine and it’s a common allergy. Enter: Wine Wands, which takes out the stuff that causes the allergens. Genius!

Pur x Barbie Collection

I saw this at Ulta and it is SO cute! I am a sucker for packaging, especially when it comes to cosmetics. But, I couldn’t bring myself to buy it because it’s not something I need at all. But if it’s under my tree come Christmas morning, I’ll be full of joy! The collection includes an eyeshadow palette, a setting spray, a blush palette, body powder, lipstick, and a highlighter duo.

Uncommon James Measuring Cups & Spoons

I’ve been eyeing these for awhile. They are so cute and… you should see my current situation when it comes to measuring cups and spoons. I’m missing half of them and they’re black plastic that I got when I got my first apartment… in 2007. Whoops!

‘Buy Yourself the Fucking Lillies’ by tara schuster

I saw this book earlier this year and put it on my list — it sounds so good, and a perfect read for the year ahead:

By the time she was in her late twenties, Tara Schuster was a rising TV executive who had worked for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and helped launch Key & Peele to viral superstardom. By all appearances, she had mastered being a grown-up. But beneath that veneer of success, she was a chronically anxious, self-medicating mess. No one knew that her road to adulthood had been paved with depression, anxiety, and shame, owing in large part to her minimally parented upbringing. She realized she’d hit rock bottom when she drunk-dialed her therapist pleading for help.

Buy Yourself the F*cking Lilies is the story of Tara’s path to re-parenting herself and becoming a “ninja of self-love.” Through simple, daily rituals, Tara transformed her mind, body, and relationships, and shows how to

• fake gratitude until you actually feel gratitude
• excavate your emotional wounds and heal them with kindness
• identify your self-limiting beliefs, kick them to the curb, and start living a life you choose
• silence your inner frenemy and shield yourself from self-criticism
• carve out time each morning to start your day empowered, inspired, and ready to rule
• create a life you truly, totally f*cking LOVE

This is the book Tara wished someone had given her and it is the book many of us desperately need: a candid, hysterical, addictively readable, practical guide to growing up (no matter where you are in life) and learning to love yourself in a non-throw-up-in-your-mouth-it’s-so-cheesy way.

The Beauty Sleep Set by Pholk Beauty

I came across Pholk when we were all supporting Black-owned businesses this summer — hopefully you still are — and wow, they’ve got loads of good-looking products. I specifically asked for the beauty balm and the beauty sleep set, but anything on their site looks impressive!

Any Crystal Candle from One Eleven Candles

One Eleven is another Black-owned business and they sell soy candles that have crystals in them! Once the candle burns you can keep the crystals — love this — plus, they have some really unique scents.

The Puff Headband by Calling Gala

I was influenced by yet another blogger and this headband gives me all the “Gossip Girl” vibes. Plus… it says it’s specially made to not hurt. As someone who’s tried and tried many headbands but they all hurt, I want to see if this one actually fits. Plus, Calling Gala is a female-owned business 🙂

Cotton Rib Boxer from Skims

2020 was the year I fell in love with Skims. I bought a Skims bra at the end of 2019 (or the beginning of 2020? What is time?) and I loved it, so I bought leggings, underwear, and another bra. It’s really great stuff, and so far, their customer service has been on point! So, I asked for a pair of the cotton rib boxers — they look so comfy!

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