The Blogger’s Gift Guide!

Don’t worry, this isn’t one GIANT hint on what you all should get your favorite blogger this year (wink, wink). Seriously, though. What kind of blogger would I be if I didn’t have a gift guide for the cool kids on your list? So, I’ve rounded up some useful items for the blogger in your life!

A Great Notebook

I know we all have smartphones, but nothing beats a great, trusty notebook. I have at least 20 journals in my desk drawer, because, well, one of these days I’m going to NEED all of that paper! I always carry at least one notebook with me in case I need to write something down – a book title, an idea, etc. You can’t go wrong with this! Although there’s several notebooks out there, I specifically chose a hardback Moleskine.

Anything Coffee-ish

I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m a coffee addict, and anything under my tree that has to do with coffee is the perfect gift. It could be a bag of great coffee (Death Wish is the world’s strongest coffee), a pack of Coffee Nut M&Ms (sooo yummy), a giftcard to a local coffee shop, or heck, an espresso machine! Bloggers, writers, techies… none of us have bedtimes and we need fuel to keep the content coming your way!


No matter where I’m writing from, I need the option to shove in some earbuds and stay in my zone. There have been times in my past where I was using my earbuds 8+ hours a day because any outside noises were too much for me to handle. A solid pair of earbuds or headphones is a great gift for any techie in your life.

Digital subscription (or an upgrade)

You’ll have to talk specifically to your blogger friend for this one, but this would be such a valuable gift. For example, if they blog with WordPress, maybe they could use an upgraded subscription. Or, I use Canva to help with custom graphics, and there are various subscription levels. Photo editing apps, social media scheduling tools, etc. – all of those cost money and bloggers need them to be successful!

Ring light

I take my own photos for my blog and social media accounts, and many other bloggers (at least those starting out) likely do to. A ring light can help improve pictures, and they range in all sizes and prices. I got one that’s under $20, and it clips anywhere, while holding my phone to take pics!


Speaking of pictures, a tripod can help create quality photos as well, especially if you’re using the timer to get pictures of yourself. There are tripods made for professional cameras or smartphones – some that will grip to any surface, which is convenient for travel or outdoor photo shoots!

Felt letter board

I got one of these for myself, mostly for fun, but they are really cute in pictures, or for just putting fun messages up and near your desk. At home, my board currently says, “Holly Jolly Days”. There are all sorts of different boards to choose from, depending on what you’re looking for.

Blog Planner

I have always just used Excel to create blog calendars, and have actually never considered an outside source! But alas, there are loads of different blog planners that offer a guide for a year of successful blogging. I sifted through several, and have settled on “CREATE: One-Year Blog and Editorial Planner” as it discusses possible goals and hurdles, and really seems like a great step-by-step way to plan a blog.

Ta-da! If you have any other gift ideas for bloggers, feel free to share them in the comments. Don’t forget that you can STILL enter in my content to win a batch of homemade cookies by simply clicking the “subscribe” button on the right —> and then filling out the form below letting me know you’ve done it! Even if you’re already a subscriber, just fill out this form and let me know 🙂 Cheers!

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