The Traveler’s Gift Guide!

Every year, my best friend and I give each other gifts on New Year’s Eve instead of on Christmas. This tradition arose because we were tired of having high expectations and getting disappointed on New Year’s, so we both vowed to stay home.

We live across the country from each other, so every year we mail each other a box of goodies that are meant to entertain, whether for just the night or for the year ahead. It is one of my favorite traditions of the holiday season.

This year, we put a spin on it. We are meeting in London in March, so our boxes are going to be filled with things we’ll need for the trip! Ever since I’ve been eyeing all of the travel stuff in the stores, and I’ve got to admit, there’s some cool stuff out there.

So, I’ve rounded up some of my favorites just in case you’ve got a traveler on your list. And Sheena, if you’re reading this, it’s not necessarily indicative of what’s in your box, so don’t get any ideas… 🙂

Universal travel adapter

No one wants to be Peter McAllister growing a beard in France because he doesn’t have access to an adapter, amirite? Ok, well I’d actually love to be him any day of the week, but that’s not relevant. However, I found a travel adapter that works ’round the globe and it’s only $12. Plus, you can charge two items at once using this adapter! A very useful gift.

All-in-One Razor

I got so excited when I saw this product! It’s literally everything you need for a good shave, all in this neat little compact, and it’s TSA approved. It has a built-in spray bottle that you can refill with water to spray before shaving, a built-in bar of shea butter, and two razor blades that fit inside the compact. How genius! It’s only $18 – I saw it in-store at Ulta, but it’s also on Amazon (+Prime).

Ticket Stub Organizer

I keep ALL of my tickets, brochures, menus, everything that I can when I travel, and I store them all in photo boxes with the intent of making scrapbooks one day. But this book is basically a pre-built scrapbook made for saving things like this! The pages are even acid-free so there’s no yellowing or warping your precious mementos.

External Charger

Anyone who travels even the least amount likely needs an external charger for their phone, camera, tablet, etc. I have had a few super nice ones, some cheap ones – you name it. I recently bought an Anker external USB charger and it’s fantastic, plus it has great reviews and all of the models are affordable.

Luggage Protectors

Disclaimer: I do not have luggage that is worth taking care of. I have had the same suitcase for 10+ years and I’m shocked it’s still holding up, so maybe I should have asked for luggage for Christmas, but that’s not the point. Likely, the traveler on your list has quality luggage they want to take care of and these clear covers are just the thing. They protect it from getting scratched, smudged, and if it’s raining out, guess who’s stuff stays dry?? Anyone with these babies.

Travel bottles set

These probably seem like a no-brainer, but I think it’s an item we likely don’t buy for ourselves. Maybe we’ve racked up a few random bottles over the years, but having a nice set that goes together and fits in a clear bag, and is alllllll TSA approved, that’s a win. This cute set is under $15 and is adorable!

Travel Journal

I can’t speak for everyone, but I know that traveling (especially when I travel alone) really gets me thinking. In fact, I always travel with my regular journal, and a mini-sized one just in case I have a thought that needs to be written no matter where I am! There are tons of different travel journals out there, but this one is super cute.


This is likely a personal preference, but I always pack a pair of slippers with me on trips. At first, I started doing it as just a way to make myself feel at home (I always wear slippers at home), but then I realized how gross hotel room floors are, and these are nice to wear, even if you have to go down the hall to get ice or something. I personally like these flimsy sock ones because they can squish into a suitcase or a carry-on (perfect for a long flight), but any slippers would probably be appreciated!

Passport & Document Organizer

When traveling, I get really paranoid about my finances, particularly the cash I’m carrying, and as I’m prepping for my first overseas trip, I want to make sure I’m completely safe. There are tons of wallet options out there for travelers, but this one had the best reviews, is a great price, and also holds your passport, cellphone, and important documents. It also prevents any thieves from stealing your info digitally.

That’s my list! What kinds of things do you like to travel with? I’d love to hear them – leave a comment and let me know! Also, be on the lookout for other gift guides this season!

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