My Experience With a 3-Day Juice Cleanse.

This time last week, I was on day one of a 3-day juice cleanse — my first EVER juice cleanse!

I thought I would share my experience in case you’re thinking of doing one, and for myself, because I’m planning to do another one in a month and it would be nice to have something to look back on 🙂

What ‘Brand’ of Juice Cleanse did you do?

I did a juice cleanse from I heard about them years ago on a radio show “Johnjay and Rich” and they always talked about how good the juices were. I checked it out and thought it was affordable. I also have a friend who said it was the best tasting juice cleanse she’d done.

They have a few different cleanses, and I did the 3-Day Super Squeezed Cleanse and made it spicy, which swaps a watermelon juice for a cayenne pineapple juice each day.

How did you choose the number of days for a juice cleanse?

With Squeezed, you could choose anything from a one-day to a 7-day cleanse! I went for a 3-day partly because that is the usual number of days I hear about from someone doing a juice cleanse. I also read that three days is enough for your body to tell a difference and to FEEL it. I didn’t think one or two days would be enough.

What days did you complete the juice cleanse?

I did my cleanse on a Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. I work from home, so it was easy for me to have the juices handy and have easy access to the bathroom. I will admit it was hard to keep myself away from snacks, but I would rather do it on a weekday than on a weekend.

How was the juice cleanse, by day?

I went into it thinking that day one would be the easiest since I’d be excited. I was prepared for day two to be the toughest. Instead, day one was the most difficult, and it got easier from there. I eat a mostly vegan diet (meaning, at home, I eat vegan unless I really feel like my body needs something outside of that. When I travel or go out to eat, I sometimes have fish or cheese).

My plant-based diet made this cleanse, overall, easier than I expected. I wasn’t really hungry, and didn’t have any side effects other than just being kind of bored (I usually cook every day) and having to pee a lot! At the end of day one, I was craving anything salty — I really wanted chips!

Did you eat or drink anything other than juice?

The juice cleanse I did was 5 juices each day + a cashew milk per day. You can choose your boundaries, but I allowed myself to drink black coffee and water in addition to the juices and cashew milk. I had 0 food.

On the first day, I put some of the cashew milk into my coffee, but after that, I just drank it black. I didn’t drink all five juices ever — but drank water when I needed a break from the juice.

What was your first meal after the juice cleanse?

On Thursday, I actually still had coffee and a leftover juice in the morning! I was really nervous to eat actual food, but I ordered a salad with no dressing from Cava for lunch. It was just greens, roasted veggies, and some falafel. I ate every bit of it and felt so sleepy afterward.

I didn’t eat anything else that day and have just been trying to follow my appetite ever since.

What is your plan for after a juice cleanse? sent me some ideas on what to do after the cleanse. One of them was to continue with juicing (as a meal replacement) and have one “regular” meal each day. I liked this idea at first, but after looking at the calories in the juices and the cashew milk, I feel like it’s more calories than I would consume regularly — minus the fiber.

So, I am opting to eat as clean as possible, sticking to my plant-based diet for now. I do plan on completing another 3-day juice cleanse in one month (around mid-June). I really liked the taste of the juices and it’s SO convenient (the juices were delivered same-day to my doorstep), but I’m tempted to try other cleanses now, just to see what’s out there.

Please note that none of this was sponsored by in any way — I chose it on my own and paid for it. Once I made an account though, I got a referral code, that gets you $5 off your order – here’s my link!

Have you ever done a juice cleanse??

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