My First Juiceland Juice Cleanse.

In May, I completed my first-ever 3-day juice cleanse. Then, I used a company called You can read about that experience here (hint: it was not as bad as I was expecting, and I really enjoyed the juices).

However, I liked the juice cleanse so much that I decided to do one every 30 days. Then, I figured why not try different juice cleanses to see which one I like the best?

Enter: the Juiceland cleanse.

I still wanted to stick to a 3-day cleanse, and since I relied on the cashew milk to keep hunger at bay during the last cleanse, I knew I wanted a similar option.

A close friend tried the Juiceland cleanse, so I wanted to do the same.

One of the differences between the Squeezed cleanse and this one is that you order the Squeezed cleanse online, and it’s delivered right to your doorstep.

With the Juiceland cleanse, you can’t order it in advance. You go to a Juiceland location and just load up on the amount of juice and Mylk you need.

They suggest just going a day in advance for optimal freshness, but I bought all 18 bottles (6 per day of the cleanse) when I went.

I was a little worried that whichever location I went to wouldn’t have enough bottled juice for a cleanse (and I didn’t want to be the person that would come in and take it all).

But, I was relieved to see that the location down the street from my apartment had tons of cold, bottled juices, and there was a wide variety.

I wasn’t too methodical about how I picked my juices, I just made CERTAIN I had 3 bottles of Chocolate Hemp Mylks… and then from there, I tried to get a good mix of fruit-based and vegetable-based juices.

Here are the juices I got:

  • Gingerade
  • Recovery Punch
  • Junglelilly
  • Tigerlilly
  • Beet Street
  • Applelilly
  • Watermelon Lime
  • Golden Glow

I drank all of them and really thought they tasted great. I enjoyed most of the juices on my previous cleanse, but I thought the juices from Juiceland tasted better.

I felt this cleanse was easier than my first one, but it’s probably because I knew what to expect. I felt similarly in that my first day on the cleanse was more difficult, and days two and three weren’t as bad.

When I was researching different cleanses and their effects, I found that some people experience more energy (as a result of the body not having to digest any food). So far, that has not been my experience 🙂

After each cleanse I’ve felt lighter, and much less bloated, and I have a better understanding of my eating habits once it’s finished.

In general, I liked this cleanse a tad more, and I’ll definitely be doing it again… in 30 days!

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