I watched ‘Hacks’ Season One.

I started watching season one of “Hacks” (HBO Max) on the plane to Iceland. I’d heard of it, and heard it was really good, but for whatever reason, I hadn’t checked it out prior.

I watched four episodes on the plane and was hooked! So, I picked it back up once I got home, and I absolutely loved it.

The show is a fictional story about a comedienne, Deborah (played by Jean Smart), who’s facing the end of her career. She has been very successful with a long-standing residency in Las Vegas, but the contract is about to be clipped.

As Deborah faces the end of her career, a young writer, Ava (played by Hannah Einbinder) is reeling from being fired from her latest gig. She’s desperate for anything to pay the bills.

Funny enough, Deborah and Ava share an agent, who suggests Ava work with Deborah to revamp her show — possibly saving both their careers.

Ava drags herself to Deborah’s estate in Vegas for a hilarious battle of wits — neither of them wants to be there, so lots of funny arguments ensue.

Over the course of the season, their relationship develops, and they both serve different purposes in each other’s lives, even doing a bit of good for each other.

The season finale got me (no spoilers), but I loved the scenes where everything gets resolved.

Season one does end on a cliff-hanger, but I still didn’t think there would be a season two! But, it comes out in May — wahoo!

If you’re into dry humor, or stand-up comedy, I would definitely recommend this one. I’ve heard Deborah’s character is largely based on Joan Rivers. I do see several similarities, but it’s not a replica.

Regardless, it’s such a great show!

Have you watched “Hacks”?

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