A Review: Truly Life Shaver Starter Razor.

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I have been using a Conair electric razor for a few years (you can see my full review here). I bought it when I was really desperate to get a good shave; my legs get razor burn so easily!

I still love and use the Conair razor. I love that its rechargeable, easy to clean, and I never get razor burn or cuts from it.

But when I was packing for Iceland, I realized I could use a razor for travel. The Conair one would definitely last (in terms of charging), but it’s a bit bulky. I wasn’t sure how necessary shaving my legs would be in Iceland, but would need something for the pits 🙂

So, I went hunting for a simple, but a good razor. I didn’t want to get a disposable pack — I try to keep the environment in mind for things like this!

I’d seen Truly products at Ulta before and the razor had great reviews, so I went for it.

For $20, you get the initial razor (basically just the wand) and two blades. The blade cartridge screws into the wand, which I like because it feels really secure.

The wand is much heavier than those of a disposable razor, and it feels like a quality, almost luxury shave experience. Some of the reviews said the wand was slippery, but I haven’t felt that way.

This razor gave me such a close, smooth shave — I honestly couldn’t believe it the first time I used it! I’m not sure what type of butter or soap is in the cartridge around the blades, but I’m sure it contributes to such silky legs.

I’ve used it on my armpits, too, and have had no issues. I love this razor!

I’m so glad I bought it before the summer months because I’ll definitely be using it (without neglecting my Conair one – ha!).

Have you tried any Truly products?

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