A Review: Pure Wine wands.

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I’d never really heard of wine allergies, but it turns out that a majority of us are allergic to sulfites and histamines. The reaction is usually getting flushed, a headache, or sneezing. I always sneeze a ton when I drink wine!

So, I asked for some of these wands for Christmas — and I got a pack! I also got a filtered spout, but more on this later. When I used The Wand for the first time, I got so many messages on Instagram asking me how it turned out.

Now that I’ve used it several times, I feel confident that I can offer a full report. Here goes:

What is a Pure Wine Wand?

In my own words, the Pure Wine Wand is a single-use filter attached to a wand that you put in a glass of wine to remove the histamines and sulfites in wine that often cause allergic reactions. The filter on the wand almost looked like a tea bag to me.

How do you use a Pure Wine Wand?

Each wand comes individually wrapped, so you can throw one in your purse or wherever. Pour any glass of wine, unwrap the wand, and put it in the wine. Stir the wand in the wine for at least 3 minutes (I would stir, let it sit, stir, let it sit). Then, you can remove the wand, throw it away, and enjoy your glass of wine.

The Pros and Cons of the Pure Wine Wand

The pros of the Pure Wine Wand are that I really did notice a difference in my reaction. Even though I always try and get wine with low sulfites, I do usually sneeze and I never sneezed when I used The Wand. I also noticed that I didn’t get a buzz from the first glass of wine like I usually do, which I know could be seen as a con, but now I’m thinking this was probably part of my allergic reaction to it. I was able to enjoy the wine longer.

It didn’t change the taste of the wine, which I wasn’t worried about, but I know that’s obviously a concern when you stick something in your glass. I also liked that you don’t have to keep The Wand in the glass of wine.

The cons are mainly that it’s single-use. This seems wasteful to me and not good for the environment. I appreciate the fact that you can use it “on-the-go” but I don’t know if I would actually take this to a restaurant or bar. I used one Wand for two glasses of wine, and I still didn’t sneeze, but I can’t promise that one Wand works for two glasses.

Final Thoughts on the Pure Wine Wand

Overall, I really liked it. I do think I’ll buy more of them once I use the ones I have. Will I use them for every glass? Probably not. If there are 3-4 glasses of wine in a bottle, that’s 3-4 wands! I’d be spending more on The Wands than on the wine — ha!

What about the Pure Wine Wave?

Aside from a pack of The Wands, I got The Wave. The Wave is a single-use spout that does the same thing as The Wand, but it’s good for an entire bottle instead of a single glass. This was a big no for me. It was easy to put in/on the bottle, and the first pour was fine.

But when I kept going back for more wine, it would be a slow pour, and I’d have to keep adjusting the spout. That’s just not going to work!

Are there other options for removing histamines and sulfites?

Yes. Now that I know this is a THING, I did a little digging, and I found some other products I would like to try, including:

  • Wine Sensitivity Filter: It’s like a tea bag! This seems very similar to The Wand, but there’s no waste of plastic, and you can use one filter for an entire bottle. Plus, with less packaging and waste, it’s a more affordable product ($16 for 18 filters)
  • Ullo Wine Purifier: This one is on the higher-end, price-wise ($79), but has great reviews. It’s a device that sits on top of any glass of wine and you pour the wine into it and it aerates it and removes the sulfites (not sure about histamines). There is a disposable filter inside the device, but one filter is good for an entire bottle of wine.
  • Vinvoli Wine Aerator: This one seems like more of an aerator that “just happens” to soften sulfites… whatever that means? It has lots of great reviews and is a more affordable price, but I’m skeptical 🙂 ($20)

I also saw several drops and sprays, but most of them are not vegan, and I’m wary of how that works? Where would the sulfites go? Probably not for me.

Anyway, that’s the scoop on the Pure Wine Wands and the Pure Wine Wave! I’ll definitely report back when I try any of these other products. Have you tried any of these? I would love to hear about your experience with them.

Cheers to the weekend!

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