A look inside my ‘Gossip Girl’ Goody Box from ThredUp!

Over the last few years, I’ve really paid attention to where my money goes and how my purchases affect things I care about, such as the environment.

I’m happy to say 99% of my clothing purchases now do not contribute to environmental issues or unethical practices, and ThredUp is major source of awesome clothes for me. So, when I saw they partnered with “Gossip Girl” Costume Designer Eric Daman to create Goody Boxes, I immediately bought one.


A ThredUp Goody Box is a box with 10-15 items picked especially for you — in your style and price range — delivered to your doorstep.

Keep what you want, send back what you don’t want. The $10 styling fee will be applied to any item(s) you decide to keep.

Now, for the “Gossip Girl” collab, you can choose from three boxes, each containing 10 thrifted items inspired by New York neighborhoods and boroughs: the Upper East Side, which includes preppy looks like A-line dresses, flats, and blouses; Lower East Side, which features edgier items like black dresses and moto boots; and Brooklyn, which includes oversized tops and bike shorts.

You can add any notes if there are specific items you want, you can highlight specific colors you love to wear (or ones you avoid). In previous Goody Boxes (this is my third one), I’ve had specific things I’m looking for, but with this, i just said to include fun items for fall.

I really wanted to experience this box and enjoy the “Gossip Girl” of it all!


Topshop pullover sweater

I chose the “Brooklyn” mainly because I didn’t see myself wearing the items that would likely be in the other two 🙂 There were 10 items in my box, and you get 7 days from delivery to try on the items and make a decision about what to keep vs. what to send back.

Plus, the $10 deposit goes toward the clothes you keep! Here’s what I got:

Topshop pullover sweater, turquoise | $27

Madewell jeans, medium wash | $43

Athleta cargo pants, khaki green | $32

Sanctuary flannel shirt, navy + cream | $32

Adidas sports bra, black | $29

Army green bodysuit | $22

JCrew jeans

NASA cropped sweatshirt, white | $23

JCrew jeans, light wash | $34

Melloday collared blouse, cream | $36

Reformation Jeans sweater tee, camel | $24

…Y’all. I really loved every damn thing in this box! I tried every piece on, mixed them with different items in my closet, came up with ways to style them, and couldn’t get over how practical many of the items are for life in the Q… or the outside 🙂

I have already worn the NASA sweatshirt (a fun Zoom call fashion piece, ha) and will be wearing the denim and the bodysuit in the very near future.

I am sending back the cargo pants and the Madewell jeans just because they were both a bit too tight. But I’m obsessed with the JCrew jeans (boyfriend fit with busted knees) and the Adidas bra.

If I were to buy these 8 items new, from the store, I would spend $617. Instead, I’m spending $227 and I’m conserving water, saving room in the landfill, and I’m not supporting sweatshops.

All around a great little clothing haul!

If you want to try a ThredUP Goody Box, I have a link for a $10 credit for you!

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