My Top Canned Cocktails For Summer!

Who’s down for a Thirsty Thursday?! A few weeks ago, I went on a hunt around Austin to find a few specific canned cocktails and I thought I’d document it here, because it was a half-day trek.

Admittedly, I don’t go to the liquor store often. In Texas, all the hard stuff and fun canned mixed drinks legally can’t be in the grocery store and I’m wayyyy too lazy to make a separate trip. Plus, I mostly drink wine these days, and it gets delivered to my door.

So, any time I’ve ventured to the liquor store I’m always amazed at what’s on the shelves. Wow, this is a thing?! So I end up buying all kinds of things, and this is what I’m liking SO FAR.

I’ve got an ongoing list of things I want to try below, too 🙂

Loverboy Mango Peach Spritz

As an obsessive Bravo fan, it is my responsibility to try all of the cocktails I see on the shows! Loverboy is created by Amanda and Kyle from “Summerhouse” and when they launched their line of premium canned spritzes, I ordered right away.

Although I’ve tried all the flavors, the Mango Peach is my favorite, and you don’t even want to know how many cases of this stuff I’ve ordered. It’s the most expensive canned cocktail on my list, but wow, it’s so good and it got me through the Q.

All of the spritz options are like a true handcrafted cocktail, whereas the Loverboy hard tea (I’ve got one listed below) is more of a mixed drink. These taste delicious right out of the can but I like to drink them over ice.

Tanqueray London Dry Gin & Tonic

I actually saw (and bought) these around the holidays and WOW I was shocked when I tasted it — it’s delicious! They come in a pack of four 12oz cans and, I know the packaging is not the real issue here, but it’s premium. The can is the signature Tanqueray green with an embossed design.

I do like that it comes without the lime flavor, because I prefer to squeeze in a fresh lime. Seriously, this is SO good. It’s the perfect mix of gin and tonic. There’s a ton of these on the market, but I’m scared to try another brand because I love this one so much.

Mamitas Tequila & Soda | pINEAPPLE

This is one of the canned cocktails I was hunting down a few weeks ago. MTV hunk Brody Jenner either owns Mamitas or is a heavy investor and I had to try this cocktail after seeing it all over Instagram. The funny thing is, when I walked up to the checkout counter with two cases, the staff was so excited and said this is the BEST canned margarita on the market.

Why? Well there’s no added sugar. It’s not sweet. No malt taste. Literally it’s tequila and soda with a touch of flavor. I bought all four flavors (after going to five different stores) — lime, mango, paloma, and pineapple — and pineapple is FIRE. The paloma is great, too, but honestly they are all delicious! They are great straight from the can, but the other night I mixed the lime with a splash of fresh grapefruit juice and damn. Yum!

My only complaint? Make the cases bigger – ha! These come in a four-pack and I mean… homegirl needs a 12-pack. But, I think the four-pack seems to be what companies are doing with canned bevvies. So, I’ll take what I can get.

Loverboy Sparkling Hard Tea | Lemon

The Sparkling Hard Teas from Loverboy are the other thing I was hunting for! The spritz are shipped, but the teas can only be found in-store. I’d never tried them, so I was looking for a case in each flavor: Lemon Iced Tea, White Tea Peach, and Hibiscus Pomegranate. Luckily, I found all three in a nearby store!

After trying all of them, my favorite is the Lemon Iced Tea, which dangerously tastes like iced tea without alcohol. The other two flavors were good and easily drinkable, but I’m not a huge tea lover. One thing I appreciate about Loverboy is the high quality ingredients — you’re not drinking crap or chemicals — and it’s incredibly low-calorie and low-carb… which means less guilt the next day.

Zing Zang Bloody Mary

A great (and spicy) Bloody Mary brings me right back to living in Louisiana, particularly on LSU game day mornings (Geaux Tigers!). During my last semester in college, I worked as a bartender, where I learned how to make a solid Bloody Mary loaded up with all the fixins. So, I’m a bit of a snob when it comes to premade mixes… but if you have to, Zing Zang is delish.

So, I saw these four packs of vodka Bloody Marys by Zing Zang during my hunt for Loverboy and Mamitas and I had to get them! Turns out, they are pretty legit! I did pour mine over ice and add just a splash of Worcestershire and a few slices of jalapeno, but it’s a simple fix for a yummy cocktail!

Cocktails I want to try

I know there’s a TON of delicious, ready-to-drink canned cocktails out there… but my fridge is only so big! So, I’ve got a running list of the cocktails I reallyyyy want to try once I put a dent in this stash of Loverboys 🙂

  • June Shine Hard Kombucha: I love kombucha, so the fact that this is a hard version of an already delicious drink is amazing. The Midnight Painkiller and Blood Orange Mint both sound so yummy!
  • Hard Swig Spiked Sparkling Water: This is a Texas company that already sells unique (and tasty) flavors of sparkling water, so when I saw they had hard options, I’m sold. Honestly, all of the flavors sound so good: Coconut Lime, Prickly Pear Cucumber, Chile Mango, and Jalapeno Pineapple.
  • Golden Rule: This Cali-based spirits company makes canned margaritas and old fashioneds… and I’ve heard they are so good (and strong), but currently they don’t ship to my area and there’s none in stores near me. So, next time I travel, I’ll be finding them and filling my suitcase 🙂
  • Cutwater: I saw a bunch of these at the store and when I went to the website, WOW, they have a ton of yummy-looking flavors. According to online reviews, Cutwater is a top choice as far as canned cocktails go. I’m interested in trying the Rum Mint Mojito, Pina Colada, and Vodka Mule.

What canned cocktails are you drinking this summer?

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