My Summer 2022 Must-Haves!

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I hate when people jump into the next season too early, BUT Memorial Day weekend starts in just a few days, and that’s the unofficial kickoff of summer, right??

So, it got me thinking about my must-have items for the season. These are items I’ll use repeatedly this summer — let’s jump in:

A grill pan for indoor grilling

My grill pan is THE item that inspired me to write this post. I ran a bunch of errands in April to find things for my annual “patio sprucing” and stumbled upon a Grill & Griddle cast-iron pan at Big Lots. I live in an apartment (no grills are allowed on our patios) and have always sort of wanted a grill pan, but figured they were too expensive or bulky, so I never even looked into it.

But the pan at Big Lots was only $17, and it was the duo (grill on one side, griddle on the other) — here are some similar options. I put it in my cart and used a 20% off coupon for an even bigger discount. But, you know what? I have used this grill pan for EVERYTHING.

It’s rectangular in shape, thin, and fits right over two of the burners on my stove. I use spray oil and have used it for tortillas, veggie burgers, fish, and veggies — right inside my kitchen! This thing is a game-changer, even for someone who used to use a grill once a year.

Colorful cooler that actually keeps ice frozen

Last year I went on the hunt for a cute, colorful cooler that would be easy to carry to the pool or on the beach. I also wanted to make sure it would actually keep my drinks icy cold in the blazing Texas heat! I ended up buying an Igloo Tag Along Too that’s small (but holds enough for two people), light, colorful, and has a strap.

I have used the cooler — here are some additional cooler options — for road trips, pool days, beach afternoons, and even just evenings on my patio!

Waterproof sandals for easy wear and simple cleanup

I’ve had my waterproof Birkenstocks (style: Arizona) for two summers now, and even when I bought them, I wasn’t sure how much I would use them. Turns out, they’re perfect for boating (grip and comfort), the pool, running errands, and just random chores! I love being able to slip them on and rinse them off as needed.

Glowscreen for face and body

I was introduced to Glowscreen by Supergoop! and wow, I missed out! Glowscreen is an SPF — originally for the face but now also for the body — that has a champagne sheen to it. I love wearing it under makeup or alone, and I love how it looks on my legs!

Fun fanny pack for handsfree living

I have purchased two Stoney Clover Lane fanny packs in the last year (one from SLC, one from the Target collab) and it’s wild how much I’ve used them! I originally bought a fanny pack for travel purposes after getting tired of digging in my giant bag for my wallet or lip gloss.

With the fanny pack, I can keep essentials within reach and I know they’re safe. Now, I use the fanny pack for errands and casual outings. Here are some affordable options.

Impress pedicures for flawless toes

It should come as NO shock that this is on my list. I’ve been shouting the praises for Impress Manicures and Pedicures for a while now, and I currently feel the same. I actually have been wearing the press-on pedicures ALL year long. I previously was self-conscious about my toenails, and have never been good at painting them, so these save my summer feet!

Canned cocktails for safe, delicious drinking

Summer requires a solid canned cocktail. I listed some of my favorites last year, but I’m always trying new things to make sure I get the best of what’s out there. I recently tried two flavors of June Shine (hard kombucha) and it is good, as long as you like kombucha and aren’t hoping for a craft cocktail flavor.

I really want to try the Vodka Soda Key Lime from You & Yours, along with the Grapefruit Smash from Devil’s Backbone. Cheers!

What are your must-haves for summer?

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