A Review: Lano Face Base Vitamin E Day Cream.

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I have been working really hard this week to wrap up a big client project, which means I’ve been getting up at 5am every day.

It should come as no surprise that the first thing I do is make a pot of coffee. Well… yesterday morning when I pressed “Brew”… the coffee pot was rumbling and steaming and overall just struggling.

It took the coffee maker 4 HOURS to make 8 cups of coffee and honestly, I’m shocked it didn’t burst into flames. I immediately placed an order for pickup because I knew I was going to need a new one for this morning.

Admittedly, I’ve had the coffee pot for probably 8 years (!) and I’d been eyeing new ones, but I was keeping this one for two reasons. 1. It’s difficult for me to justify buying something new when the old thing still works, and 2. my dad (who passed away in 2018) bought it for me as a Christmas gift.

But, I know it’s just a thing, and it’s not the end of my dad’s memory or anything. And I’m happy to report that the new pot made a fabulous pot of coffee before I even got up — the old coffee maker had a timer, too, but I hadn’t been using that feature.

Here’s the pot I bought, in case you’re interested.


Now we can officially jump into skincare: Lano Face Base Vitamin E Day Cream.

I had really never tried Lano (Lanolips) products, but last year, Ulta had a big sale on the entire brand so I bought all sorts of goodies. I fell in love with the Aussie Flyer Mask — I use it alllll the time — and this day cream is so dreamy.

This moisturizer of course adds vitamins into the skin, but it has a thicker consistency and feels like velvet when you put it on. It makes for a great primer if you’re wearing makeup or just a way to lock in moisture and have a barrier on your skin throughout the day.

I love the way my skin feels after I put this on, but it also has a bit of a blurring effect to the skin. It’s really a quality product. Plus, I love this idea of a day cream — night creams don’t deserve all the clout!

Lano is a female-owned brand (love that) and their products are cruelty-free, paraben-free, and without artificial colors, fragrances… all around good.

Other Lano products I like are the Minty Leg & Foot Balm and the 101 Ointment.

Have you tried any Lano products?

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