A Review: Kopari Coconut Crush Exfoliating Body Scrub.

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Hey there! I know I have been posting blogs, but it feels like I haven’t been here in awhile. Why?

Well, life has been pretty hectic lately. It all started when I put it out into the universe that I needed work… and wow, did it deliver! I’m back to my pre-pandemic levels of crazy, which is stressful, but I always ask myself: do you want to be stressed over a deadline or stressed over a bill that’s coming up?

I also traveled back to my hometown last week to pay my respects to my best friend’s mom, and to give my friend whatever support I could offer. It’s been a rough ride for her and her family, but I’m glad I was able to be there and I hope they are able to feel closure and peace soon.

Travel is one thing, but that was my first trip since December 2019… and post-pandemic airports AIN’T it. Everything was absolute chaos, but you know, I’ll always appreciate a solid airport sandwich and a good newsstand. You can’t beat it.

And since then, I have just been dealing with little life things… like being on the phone with AT&T for hours trying to activate high-speed internet and trying to eat healthy and scheduling yoga classes that I technically know I don’t have time for but I need to prioritize my mental and physical health.

Anyone with me?

So, it honestly seems a little silly to talk about body scrub right now, but I didn’t want to dedicate an entire post to the craziness of life — we’ve all felt it at some point or another and we’ll get through it on the other side and I know there’ll be an ice cold glass of rose waiting for me. Ahhhh.

Now, onto the Kopari Coconut Crush Exfoliating Body Scrub!

I have honestly been HOOKED on the Tree Hut Body Scrubs lately. They’re $8 (for a pretty big jar) and they come in all kinds of yummy scents. But, Ulta got me with a sale on Kopari products and I had to give the scrub a try — I bought the Coconut Melt, too, because I tried it last year and enjoyed it.

This body scrub has crushed coconut shells in it for exfoliating and brown sugar, along with coconut oil! AND, it’s vegan!

Before buying this, I heard it was a really good product to use before using sunless tanner because it really exfoliates but it also moisturizes and after using it, I can see why.

For starters, I’ll say that I was a little nervous this was going to be harsh. I mean, crushed coconut shells??? But, it’s actually on par with the Tree Hut scrubs in terms of grit. It has a smaller grit than typical body scrubs, but it doesn’t feel like it’s stripping the skin at all.

This stuff smells like a giant coconut — not fake coconut flavor — like you just casually smashed a fresh coconut on the side of your tub 🙂 I loved it. And the coconut oil does leave the skin feeling really soft… this is a win.

I was almost mad I liked it so much because it does have a much higher price point than the Tree Hut.

Now, it’s not perfect. I will say the packaging was a no for me. I wish the mouth of the jar was wider… as I used more and more of the product, I found it was difficult to get my hand in, and wished it came with a scoop or something. So, use a spoon to really get IN there and get every drop!

I should also note that I only used this product in the bath and there’s a warning on the package that says it may leave your tub or shower slick because of the oil, and they’re not kidding. I’m not sure if you’d have less of that if you just used it in the shower, but just an FYI.

I honestly loved this. I’m not going to replace my beloved Tree Hut scrubs, but I’m going to toss this one into the mix because wow.

I see you, Kopari! Aside from the Coconut Melt, I’ve also used their Rose Toner (soooo good), and their Coconut Deodorant (also a win). I want to try their Glow Gel Cleanser and the Pink Souffle Body Mask.

Have you tried any Kopari products?

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