Blanche’s Book Club: ‘Kristy and the snobs’.

Last Friday was the last meeting of the Baby-sitters Club book club. It was bittersweet but there was trivia and other games and it was a lot of fun — a great way to end the club for the year. We’ll see if it comes back next year! 

Book 11 is “Kristy and the Snobs” and the title makes me laugh. When I was a few years out of college, a then-friend told me I was stuck-up, which is so far from who I am, and this book reminded me of that. 

In this book, Kristy has to deal with some of the other girls in her new neighborhood, which is in a wealthy area. Many of the kids her age go to a private school and wear uniforms. 

The other kids also have designer dogs and pools 🙂 The sub-plot is that Kristy’s dog is getting older and some of the kids make fun of him because he has arthritis and isn’t a specific breed. 

In this book, the Brewer family has to make a decision to put their dog down and even though I knew that’s where this book was going, I sobbed. Losing a pet is such awful pain. 

But, the book resolves the issue of the snobs, too, and in an interesting way. I think the stereotype of a snob was a bit overdone, but I know the book is meant for a younger age that may not understand what it means to be a snob or stuck up. 

Book 11 is the last book I bought! Should I keep buying BSC books?? Book 12 is Claudia and the New Girl… we’ll see! 

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