Blanche’s book club: ‘The saturday night ghost club.’

FACT: I just finished reading this book this morning! It’s “The Saturday Night Ghost Club” by Craig Davidson. 

I bought this as an ebook during a Memorial Day sale thinking it would be fun to read around Halloween. Ultimately, it was just okay — it does have great reviews, though. 

This is a nostalgic story, about a man looking back on his childhood in a small town near Niagra Falls. In the summers, he and his friends would hop on their bikes discovering ghost stories and local legends. 

At times, this book reminded me of scenes from “Now and Then” and at other times, I was definitely recalling moments from my childhood. I spent a lot of time on my bike with other neighborhood kids. And we made up stories about our neighbors. 

At sleepovers, we’d read ghost stories or watch scary movies — I still regret agreeing to watch “Children of the Corn” when I was in 5th grade. 

So on those levels, it was a good book — but I didn’t resonate much with the actual plot of the book. It didn’t help that the main character was also a brain surgeon, which is incredibly triggering for me. Ugh. 

The ending of the book was really good — don’t worry, no spoilers — but there’s a section that talks about how our fears change as we get older and there’s a bit of magic in the fear we have as children. I’d have to agree with that. 

So, maybe not a stellar choice for me, but it’s all good — not every book is going to be a total winner 🙂 

The next book Blanche’s Book Club will be reading is “Faith” by Julie Murphy. 

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