Festive Halloween movies that aren’t scary.

If you’ve been a reader around here, you know I’m pretty much scared of everything. I used to love seeing scary movies… when I was in high school and lived with my parents. 

Once I moved into my first apartment, I remember going to see a scary movie and then coming home and thinking., “Wait, this isn’t quite as fun now.” 

But, who doesn’t like a festive movie? I have been watching the Hallmark Channel’s autumn movies and they are pretty good. So, I thought I’d put together a list of festive fall movies that aren’t really scary. 

Some of the choices are obvious, others not so much. But just know that even if the moves on this list aren’t for you, there are actually LOTS of movies out there that you can watch if you’re not into the spooky stuff. Here’s my list: 

Gossip Girl

First up, not a movie – ha! I saw the DVDs in my drawer and I knew I had to add these. These are not scary, but it’s fall in New York and the fashion in this series is top-notch. The entire series revolves around dirty secrets and trying to figure out who “Gossip Girl” is, so it’s kind of mysterious. Like I said, some of these are not obvious choices. 

Now and Then

This was actually the first movie that I thought of for this list. It’s totally NOT a Halloween movie, but there’s a few scenes in the graveyard and the girls are trying to piece together some of their small town’s history that involves a tragedy. It’s more of a coming-of-age flick, but it’s just so good. The music is fantastic. 


Even though I’m scared of most things, “In Cold Blood” by Truman Capote is one of my all-time favorite books. So, the movie adaptation is a necessary watch. The basis of the story is honestly quite terrifying — an entire family is murdered — but the movie focuses on Capote’s relationship with the murderer. 

Mean Girls

Another non-Halloween movie, but the Halloween scene in it is priceless and possibly the best depiction of modern festivities. 

Hocus Pocus

A complete classic, of course. I remember watching this movie as a kid after school with my friends. This is family-friendly, and has several funny parts. 


I have always loved this movie, and in college, I made my roommate watch it with me so we could swoon over Devon Sawa. Now, I follow him on Twitter and he recently said this is the worst time of year for him because of the Casper memes! But, I feel no guilt — 90’s Sawa and Christina Ricci? C’mon! Plus… Casper is so cute. 


Meet the REAL set of mean girls, who accidentally murder their best friend by choking her with a jawbreaker on the morning of her birthday. They spend the movie trying to save themselves from getting in trouble — which is actually super demented, looking back on it. It’s the modern version of “Heathers.” 

It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!

I love watching ALL the Charlie Brown movies! They are so sweet, yet so smart. I love seeing their costumes in this one and hearing them say, “Tricks or treats!”


I watched this as a kid and didn’t remember liking it, but then watched it again as an adult a few years ago. It’s definitely got some great scenes i in it. I saw the new, female version of it in the theatres when I moved to Austin and thought it was hilarious. 


Another classic. I watched this as a kid, but actually saw it in the theatre a few years ago and forgot how good it was. Admittedly, I do get a little sad when they separate E.T. and Elliot. 

Nightmare Before Christmas

Is this a Halloween movie or a Christmas movie? Who knows! But there is not a cooler skeleton than Jack Skellington — that is a FACT. 

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