Things to do in San Francisco.

As I mentioned yesterday, I tried not to make my trip itinerary TOO packed, but it wouldn’t be a Holly-esque trip if I didn’t do a little planning ahead of time. So, here’s a few of the things I’m planning on doing:

Ghirardelli Square

A blogger I follow lived in San Francisco for a year and made it to Ghirardelli square a few times for dessert. After seeing pictures of her EPIC sundaes, there’s no way I can skip a visit here! It sounds like there’s lots of things to see and do in this area as well, so I’m really looking forward to this treat.

Bay Sail

When I first booked my flight, I’ll be honest: I didn’t really know just how much of San Francisco was surrounded by water. Once I saw that, I realized there’s likely no other way to experience the city than to book a seat on a sailboat. So, I’m looking forward to a late-afternoon sail that goes under the Golden Gate Bridge!

The Conservatory of Flowers

This is another place I kept seeing online and then a family member mentioned it as a good place to go. It’s a greenhouse and botanical garden that is home to rare and even endangered plants and flowers. I went to the botanical gardens in Denver last year and I had the best time just roaming around and taking pictures, so I’m looking forward to this!

Alcatraz Tour

This was something I knew I wanted to do before I booked my trip. Alcatraz was once a maximum security federal prison and it was home to some of the world’s famous criminals! I wanted to book a night tour, but they were sold out so I’m going during the last “day” cruise to the island and tour of the buildings. I am really looking forward to this!

Coit Tower

The Coit Tower is a signature part of the San Francisco skyline, but also offers incredible views of the city and the bay. It’s located in Little Italy, so I’m really looking forward to climbing to the top of this thing and then rewarding myself with pizza and canoli.

Chocolate Tasting class at Dandelion Chocolate

Someone I worked on the college newspaper staff posted a picture on Instagram of her at a chocolate tasting class at Dandelion Chocolate and said she would recommend it to anyone coming to the bay area. I saved it and now I am doing it! I’ve never taken any sort of chocolate class before and I am pretty excited to leave having eaten loads of yummy treats.

I have several other things planned for myself, but I’ll save those for my eventual trip wrap-up!

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