Things I packed for San Francisco.

I always try and pack as little as possible, but while still making sure I have everything I need and with this trip, I was a little worried because of the weather. But, here’s generally what I packed:

Layers. I’ve heard from pretty much everyone that it’s always chilly in San Fran. I believe there’s even a saying… “There’s nothing colder than a summer in San Francisco” or something along those lines. I live in Texas, where it’s been approximately 112 for the past few weeks, so when I saw the predicted 60-degree weather, plus the possible wind and rain… I packed everything from tank tops and long-sleeve shirts to flannels and zip-up fleece! I refuse to be too cold to venture outside, plus I have at least two boat rides that both suggested clothing for wind and cool weather.

Two pairs of tennis shoes. When I went to New York, it was in the height of summer, plus I had some things I wanted to dress up for like a Broadway show and the John Mayer concert. That’s really not the situation here, and I need to be comfortable for all the walking I’ll be doing. I wore one pair of tennies to the airport and packed the second pair, just in case one pair gets soaked, super dirty, or just uncomfortable. I packed one pair of nicer flats in case I decide to go to a nice dinner.

A rain jacket and a disposable poncho. I’ve heard about the unexpected bouts of rain in San Fran, so I packed a light rain jacket (which doubles as a windbreaker) that is technically for camping so you can really smash it down and fit it into a purse when needed. I bought it at Walmart for ACL last year and have taken it on every trip ever since. It was the smartest $35 I’ve spent. I also brought a disposable poncho that fits into a ziplock bag, just in case I am caught without my jacket.

Lots of snacks. I always pack snacks when traveling. I used to never do this because I so much looked forward to eating out. I still do that, but snacks make it so that if I’m in a pinch, I can have a bite while I’m getting to my destination. Whether that means I’m stuck in the subway trying to get to the restaurant or I don’t have as much time to eat as I thought before I need to get to my next place. They also come in handy in the airport or on the plane if nothing else sounds good. This time, I packed protein bars, fruit snacks and cinnamon bears.

Pixi X Weylie Hoang palette. This was a TJ Maxx find and it has all of the right colors to use as a bronzer, highlighter and various eyeshadows, which I love for traveling light, when I’ll still want to wear makeup.

Tote bag and a mini backpack. A lot of my trip involves sightseeing, but one thing I did in New York was leave time to just sit places and relax. I packed a small blanket and a book and laid in Bryant Park one afternoon and it was glorious! So, I packed that same small blanket and brought a light tote for the days I might need to carry more things and a mini backpack for the ways I have a lighter load.

Mary Kay Energizing Lotion for Feet & Legs. This product is a Holy Grail for me. I walk so much while traveling and I’m always wishing my feet and legs could take me further, but they are always in such pain. This is the stuff that keeps me going! Rub it in every night before bed and you will not have sore legs the next morning. It’s amazing!

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