I’m off to San Francisco!

Today is THE day! Per usual, I booked the earliest flight out of Austin to get to San Fran — of course, not realizing when I booked this flight six months ago that after my New York trip, early mornings have become my least favorite thing.

But alas, here I go! I’ve been wanting to go to San Fran for a few years now, likely because, living in Austin, people compare the tech scene to that of Silicon Valley’s. But, I’ve never been and traveling there was one of my 2019 goals, and it’s finally happening!

Honestly, I’ve never even been to that part of the country. I’ve been to California, but only the Southern parts, visiting LA and San Diego. But it’s been many years since I’ve been there!

If I’m continuing to be honest, this is a trip I feel partially like I shouldn’t be taking. Money is incredibly tight after such a slow summer, and I feel like the smart, practical thing to do would be to just skip my cheap flight and stay home to work.

But I’ve never really been one to do that. Ha! There have been so many trips in the last two years that I thought, well, I should just stay home. But I have never, ever regretted taking a trip.

Even the ones that seem like timing is off, always end up being the right move. For me, a trip like this is a vow to my goals. My goal was to get to San Francisco, and I’m doing it.

Plus, trips motivate me. They are a giant reminder that this world is big and there’s so many places to see and things to do. They also provide an opportunity for me to reflect and test my limits. I aways feel inspired when I return home after a trip.

And just like my trip to New York in July, I’ll be doing a little bit of work while I’m on this trip. Although that is not the kind of work-life balance I’d hoped for when I kicked off this year, it’s what I have to do to pay my bills, and I’m going to do it.

When I made my trip itinerary, I tried not to PACK it like I usually do, so that perhaps I can avoid living off three hours of sleep each night like I did in NY – ugh. But, hey, we’ll see.

In a way, this trip seems like my last hurrah of the year. Just as I predicted — perhaps I put the energy into the universe myself — the last portion of the year is going to be my busiest yet, work-wise.

I am not complaining by any means, but it’s almost gotten comical just how packed my calendar is and how many clients came out of the woodwork over Labor Day weekend to get on my calendar before the year ends.

So, I’m headed northwest, and I have a pretty healthy list of things to do and see, which I’ll share right here tomorrow! For now, deuces, Texas!

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