A Roundup of Inspiration: Pictures, Quotes & Ideas.

Today’s post is a little different than anything I’ve ever posted, but when I was making my GoodReads profile last week, I was able to organize so many of my pictures and notes.

You see, I keep so many of my thoughts and ideas on random slips of paper or in screenshots on my phone. And I got to toss them all when I stored my to-be-read list on my GoodReads profile! So, I noticed I have loads of random screenshots on my phone, saving them all for a rainy day… and that day is today, even though there is really no rain.

I figured it would be beneficial to have them all in one place, and hey, maybe you’ll find something here that you find inspirational or one thing that sparks an idea. Here goes:

We’ll kick things off with some ‘Golden Girls’ nail-decor inspiration, Britney Spears’ insane body for fitness inspiration (or just straight up jealousy, you decide) and this Coco Chanel quote from a local Austin nail shop.

I am a regular user of the Calm app, which offers guided meditation and breathing tips… it’s pretty amazing. If I see a good quote one day, I’ll screenshot it.

Here’s more fitness fashion inspiration from blogger Kathleen from “Carrie Bradshaw Lied”. I screen-capped these vitamins (Goodbye Stress, from Olly) thinking they would be helpful, but I have yet to try them, however I am currently taking the Olly Women’s Multi-Vitamin and love them! There’s also a picture I took of an issue of “Real Simple” magazine, because I thought Blanche might like this toy called a Kong Swing n’ Play (ha!).

…More quotes from Calm… I promise this is the last batch!

This wallpaper and chair was in a downtown office building where I was participating in a Hackathon last year. The office was completely open so they had these cool little “phone booths” where you could have private conversations.

I keep saving these luggage protectors for when I buy new luggage, but I haven’t yet. And this book, “A Book That Takes Time”, I saw at the Amazon bookstore and thought it was so cool — it would make a great gift!

I love the mules in this fall picture, but I honestly just love the composition of the entire thing. The next picture is a simple salad recipe, and the third picture, I love the style!

Here’s a few podcast recommendations I was saving for my next road trip: “Bear Brook” (true crime, a cold case which sounds completely chilling), “Slow Burn” (Season one covers Watergate, while season two covers the Clinton impeachment).

In the collage, I’ve listened to many of these except “Happier in Hollywood” and “Second Life”.

Here we have a pair of Express stretch leggings, a note about a show on ABC based on a John Mayer song, and a women’s cami from Amazon (only $17, offered in six colors). The John Mayer drama was supposed to be released this fall, but I hear it’s being redeveloped.

I saw thieve wine bottle straws and although I don’t drink much anymore, I thought the idea was so funny. These are also a pair of high-waisted jeggings from American Eagle and a cute tee from Amazon (I am a sucker for a good v-neck tee)!

Another pair of leggings (can you see where my mind has been lately?), only this time from Amazon, a super cute teddy bear pullover from Abercrombie (I feel like I look silly in these, but they look so cozy), and a swimsuit from Romwe.

Honestly, this is probably about a third of the pictures I have!but I think I’ll do another blog post like this in a few weeks. I know it probably seems sort of random, but I’m always saving things and looking through them later — maybe something here will spark an idea in you!

Happy Monday all!

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