3 words: ‘Project Runway Junior’.

The judges' panel for 'Project Runway Junior'.
The judges’ panel for ‘Project Runway Junior’.

It’s the day after Christmas, meaning we’re officially in that between-holiday groove. I have the day off, hopefully you do as well, and although I’m heading back into the office tomorrow, I think it’ll be pretty quiet in there and I can coast on through to the weekend.

Since yesterday was Christmas, we were not blessed with the latest installment of “Mariah’s World”, but it’s probably for the best.

Instead, let’s talk about a new show I started watching last week: “Project Runway Junior”.

I’ll start by saying I never had any intentions of watching this show – it had its first season last year, and I was kind of feeling like it looked like a sweatshop, a la any of the “junior” cooking shows, where the kids cry when they’re clipped. I do have a heart, believe it or not, and I’m not into making kids cry.

But on Thursday night, I was watching the season finale of “Project Runway” – which ended up being a trainwreck (I won’t spoil it, but the ending was rage-worthy). However, during the commercial breaks of that show, they aired little snippets from the casting for the junior edition. And these kids – well, teens – were really talented!

I really like Molly (from Colorado), and Tieler (from New Orleans) so far – you can check out the entire cast here. Many of these lil designers don’t just sew in their parents’ basements, but they have entered contests and shown at fashion weeks all over the world. DAMN!

Makes me feel kind of lazy that I legit spent an entire day in bed over my Christmas break – and not because I was reading or with a guy – I was eating chocolate and watching the entire season of “Pitch”. Yuck.

Anyway, I decided to watch at least the first episode and see what this whole thing was about. In the first few minutes of the show, the contestants met each other, and they were anxiously awaiting the arrival of Tim Gunn and Hannah Jeter.

When they did arrive, the kids jumped for joy, and I realized it right then: these teens have no filter, no shame in who they are, and they act how we all want to act – meaning, when they see Tim Gunn, they scream and ask if they can hug him!

My theory continued on into the first challenge, which was to create a look that shows the judges who they are (as designers), and they came up with such creative things – one designer made an athletic coutour look by creating a two piece evening gown made from neoprine. Umm yes!

And of course, a majority of the pieces were really well-made, which was impressive on its own.

The judges are also pretty good on this version of the show – there’s Kelly Osborne, meh, but… there’s Christian Siriano!!!!! Yes!

Sooo, I definitely set my DVR to watch all of the episodes, and I’m pretty pumped about keeping my Thursday nights on-point. But I also set it to record the new season of “L.A. Hair” after seeing tons of hilarious, drama-filled previews on WE. Anyone?

How can I not watch this?

…I know. I really need a life. #2017Goals

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