‘Famously Single’: Aubrey and Pauly…?

Are you falling in love with me?
Are you falling in love with me?

Ohhh snap! I’ll admit, I skipped watching “Famously Single” last night because I was watching the DNC – but I’m here this morning, eating my blue-frosted Pop-Tart, sitting with Blanche, and we are READY!

The episode starts with Jessica doing a card reading for Aubrey and Pauly. Somehow, the cards say that Aubrey wants to have sex with Pauly, and Jessica asks him if he’s been thinking about another girl. He denies it, and Aubrey gets a little pissy – shocker.

Pauly says, in his confessional, that he cannot handle another jealous woman, because that’s all he ever dates. But the it’s in the cards, and he says it’s a red flag.

Dr. Darcy sits with Aubrey one-on-one to talk about the argument she had with Pauly. She says the fight with Pauly made her fearful, and that the argument was full of red flags – HMMMM.

Dr. Darcy reminds Aubrey that she’s dealing with someone who has no relationship experience. Aubrey sees his jokes as a safe place, because he knows she needs more than what he’s used to.

Dr. Darcy asks Aubrey why she likes him, and Aubrey says he is sincere, and true to his core, which Darcy agrees with (Darcy! NO!).

After the break, Jessica says Willis asked her on a date, but she’s weary about it after what happened with Maya. Maya says that if she wants to go out with him, then she should.

Meanwhile, she tells Willis she thought about him when she masturbated. What?! What is happening in this house right now!?

Dr. Darcy sets the group down, and says that the goal was to match the group with people outside the house, buuuut everyone in the house is hooking up.

The housemates agree it’s an interesting situation, and they are still learning, despite dating within the house.

Darcy mentions another connection in the house… Maya and Jessica. Maya tells the group about their evening, and Willis is pretty much DYING.

Callum and Brandi get ready to take a hike, and Jessica wants to read their cards. She says he is thinking about separation, but also wants to sleep with her. But Jessica says part of that is because he wasn’t there when she read them.

Brandi admits in her confessional that she knows he’s not right for her, but she does like him, so there’s that. At the end of the hike, Callum had set up a picnic for them (aw!). She is honest with him about what she needs in a relationship, and Callum says he believes he can give that to her.

Back at the house, Aubrey is still trying to understand her relationship with Pauly. She doesn’t feel like he’s treating her like “a queen”, and Willis tells her she needs to give it time. However, Aubrey says she doesn’t have time to coddle someone. Yeessh.

Pauly says he feels a lot of pressure to go faster than he wants to go; and he knows if they have sex he will think about the relationship differently. Dr. Darcy brings him in for a one-on-one, and he says he’s feeling the pressure, and he sees it going faster.

Darcy tells him that he’s got to communicate that to her – that there’s a good reason why he wants to move slow.

The house goes out that night and Callum tells Brandi she is his number one (rolls eyes). Aubrey and Pauly are talking, and Aubrey tells Pauly he’s never going to find love if he keeps shutting down. But instead of taking Darcy’s advice, he is silent.

Willis is openly upset about Jessica hooking up with Maya, but she assures him they’re not together. This still doesn’t seem to settle his feelings.

Dr. Darcy pulls Aubrey and Pauley in to talk. Aubrey says she wants a plan, because that’s how she is, but Pauly says he isn’t like that. When Darcy asks them if they’re exclusive, Pauly says that it’s too fast for him.

Aubrey is, of course, pissed. She admits she wants to be saved, and maybe Pauly isn’t the one to do it. Pauly says he wants to do right by Aubrey, and that even saving takes time.

Pauly takes Aubrey on a date to go go-karting – cute! Pauly admits it’s his first date in a long time – also cute! Pauly tells her he feels a major connection with Aubrey, and that he is used to going from 0-100, and he doesn’t want this to happen between them.

Aubrey finally sees his point and appreciates his willingness to “build the foundation”.

And… next week is the season finale! Whaaaat! But don’t worry, the episode preview still looks to be full of drama – especially between Callum and Brandi. Whoop!

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