It’s week 3 of Cheerobics…

Living the cheerleading dream... well, kinda.
Living the cheerleading dream… well, kinda.

That’s right, I’ve been taking Cheerobics. It’s a class offered at the dance studio I’ve been with for six months – they have tons of different types of classes including ballet, jazz, modern, and funk, but I mostly take the hip-hop classes. However, I kept seeing the tail-end of the Cheerobics class as I waited for the following course to open.

It looked fun; they were dancing with pom-poms! Considering that’s all I did for five years of being a teenager – count me in. So, I finally went, and holy shit, it was the most difficult workout I’ve had in months.

Given that I’ll be on the beach in one month, I decided I needed to make this class a habit. So, I’m there every Thursday night. The class consists of a warm-up routine, stretching, and then you perform six full-length routines with pom-poms (and a smile), before completing a strength circuit, and a cool down.

The routines are fun, and the songs are of course, up-beat, as it’s supposed to be similar to a routine you’d see on a professional football field (and yes, there’s lots of clapping).

The music is fun, but the pom-poms really make the class for me. When I showed up for the first class, I wasn’t expecting much. However, I quickly realized that because you’re gripping the pom-pom’s handle for a solid 30 minutes, your arms get a workout FAST.

While I know it’s nowhere near as intense as the workout or practice for a professional cheerleader or dancer, it is really fun to get a little taste of what that life is like. I’ve wanted to be a Laker Girl ever since I can remember; and now that I’m too old for anything like that; I spend a lot of time daydreaming about it, and then binge-watching Dance Squad: LA Clippers.

The cheerobics class also brings back a lot of great memories for me as a halftime dancer in high school. Our practice schedule was busy, but they always served as great bonding experiences and were stress relievers for me. I was always so, SO nervous before performing, but thrilled for the applause at the end.

I noticed some of the other women in my cheerobics class have their own pom-poms, which at first, I thought seemed a little excessive. But, now I want a pair of my own, so I’ve been scoping them out. I think I’ve settled on a set of black and gold metallic ones, simply because I like those colors. I don’t want to commit to my high school or college colors (even though they match The Lakers’); I just want a pair that looks cute!

Since I started at the studio, I’ve been taking a class called “Sexy Stiletto”, which involves optional high heels. I skipped on the heels until just three weeks ago – in another attempt to amp up my workout. And wow, dancing for an hour in heels (especially turns) makes for a great core and leg workout. I haven’t fallen yet; but here’s to hoping I didn’t just jinx myself.

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  1. Cheerobics® (@Cheerobics)

    Hello Holly, It’s Elise from Cheerobics here! I came across this today and we are so thrilled you enjoyed your Cheerobics class experience – what you described is exactly the impact and impression we want to have on each and every participant. Say, can you tell us which fitness center you have taken the classes at?

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