Pic of the Week.

Margaritas and salsa at Licha's Cafe.
Margaritas and salsa at Licha’s Cafe.

The fact that Thanksgiving is over and it’s the official holiday season has me feeling kind of anxious — I feel like time is just FLYING by!

I truly hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving, as my weekend was such a fun one thanks to my friend Sheena for driving across the country to come hang with me!

I really haven’t had much of a chance to stomp around Austin, so her visit gave me an opportunity to hit up some essential spots. Wednesday night, we ventured to the infamous 6th Street and had authentic Tex-Mex at Linchas Cafe. If you’re ever in Austin, looking for a delish margarita and homemade tortillas, that’s your place.

Next, I got us reservations at Midnight Cowboy — once a brothel, now a reservation-only bar that serves handcrafted cocktails right in the heart of dirty 6th. We enjoyed a few cocktails there (one of which was made tableside) before venturing to the real shit 6th Street is known for: bar after bar after bar.

I’d be lying if I told you which bar we ended up at, but I will say, the bartender bought our drinks, and we never paid for a thing the entire night. Must’ve been the gold sequin pants I decided to whip out… not to mention Sheena’s backless dress. Hot mamas!

We woke up feeling pretty rough, as expected, enduring a sucky volunteer experience (see: yesterday’s post). But after that? We popped the champagne, made a meat and cheese tray, and watched the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade from the comfort of my couch. We even got a nap in before we cooked up a little feast, complete with turkey drumsticks, green beans with bacon, and a batch of Red Lobster’s Cheddar Bay biscuits.

Friday, we braved the cold (why did it go from being 70 to 40 overnight, folks?) and hit up Round Rock to visit the Harley Davidson store, where all the male employees nearly pissed themselves over two decent-looking chicks walking in. We rushed our shopping to get out fast.

We did the remainder of our Black Friday shopping from our phones — I got some great deals from the John Mayer Merch Store (shirts were only $5), Protein World (20% off the weight loss collection), and Dottie Couture (30% off your entire purchase).

Then, we headed to The Oasis at Lake Travis, where we had a wine tasting at Lakeview Winery. Sheen fell in love with the Firehouse Red, while I got a bottle of the Texican, which is actually from Georgetown winery, also in Texas.

We enjoyed lunch overlooking Lake Travis (which was gorgeous, even on a shitty weather day), and headed home to get our drink on (standard!).

I spent a majority of Saturday and Sunday hunched over my computer working on a project for work, as well as my online blog class — it’s safe to say you’ll be seeing it soon (provided it gets approved)!

How did y’all spend your holiday weekend?

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