Pic of the Week.

Shot glass shelves.
Shot glass shelves.

Well, I realize that for a ‘Pic of the Week,’ this is a pretty subpar photo. I was too lazy to get on the ladder, and to be honest, I’m terrified of that damn ladder.

But! I’m pretty proud of this little project I accomplished, so there it is. Assembled shelves that are now home to my tacky shot glass collection.

I got the shelves from Ikea — I think they were a whopping $4 each — and they were really easy to put together. Although, I about fainted when I saw the back was VERY similar to the back to that invisible shelf I attempted to hang awhile back.

However, I got a little smarter this time ’round, and dropped dabs of paint where the nails should go, so when I held the shelves up to the wall, I marked the walls in the perfect spot. It worked and I hung the shelves in under five minutes. Voila!

Two shelves were enough to house my current collection, but I have a third one for the ones to come.

I started my collection many years ago, because I love looking at tacky souvenirs. Shot glasses were an easy thing to start collecting, because well, I love taking shots, and they are inexpensive, and every souvenir shop is bound to have them.

I realize at my age, a shot glass collection is probably inappropriate, but I’ve never been one to worry about things like that. So, there it is, my tacky shot glass collection right in my living room!

Meanwhile, I signed up to take a six week dance series class — ‘Six Weeks to Sexy’ in which we learn a dance over a six-week period, and the dance is in high heels and it’s to The Weeknd! YAASSSSSS!!

I’m so, so excited to have some fun with this one. We had our first class last night and it was packed full of women who were ready to rock out in their stilettos… it was a blast! I’ll definitely be posting some video the more I learn.


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