Pic of the Week.

Last week, my office decided to have a costume contest this Friday. Otherwise, let’s be CLEAR: I would not have done anything associated with Halloween.

But, I’m down for a contest.

I tried to think of costumes that would be easy to assemble, comfortable to wear to work, creative, and easy on the wallet.

I thought of Amy Winehouse (good excuse to rock a Bump-It and tons of eyeliner), and my mom suggested I be Justin Bieber — great reason to listen to his music all day long (even though I do that anyway).

I even sifted through lots of online postings that were clever, DIY, costumes for women. My friend suggested I go as Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and while I do love that character, I felt like it was outdone.

BUT WAIT. No one goes as Holly Golightly in the scene when she wakes up and answers the door in her tuxedo shirt and eye mask — the best scene in the movie!

That was the perfect costume. Not only was Breakfast at Tiffany’s written by my favorite author, Truman Capote, but the costume would be fun and simple, all while not appearing like a major slacker.

So, I spent most of my Saturday scouring the city for all of the supplies. I started at Goodwill, where I bought a 2X men’s white oxford (for $8) that would serve as the main part of my outfit.

Next, I hit up Big Lots and found bejeweled, tassel earrings — in the movie she’s wearing purple tassel earplugs — and a perfect pink lipstick, all for $7.

Then, I went to Michael’s and found turquoise felt, black rhinestone buttons, gold glitter paint, and gold trimming.

My final stop was a different Goodwill where I found a pair of vintage gold heels and a stuffed orange cat, all for $10.

I started my crafting with the shirt. I cut the collar, removed any extra buttons, and glued the black, rhinestone buttons over the originals. Voila — tuxedo shirt!

Next, I got to work on the eye mask. I had one that I never use, so I glued the turquoise felt onto the existing mask. Then, i used hot glue to apply the gold trim. Next, I cut “eyelids” out of the felt, and glued faux eyelashes to them. Next, I painted a thick strip of gold where eyeliner would go. I glued the eyelids to the mask. Last, I applied “eyebrows” with the gold trim.

Lastly, I cleaned up my stuffed kitty with some organic, all-purpose cleaner, and I had to sew his arm back on (poor cat). And there you have it! I’m ready for my sleepy, glamorous look on Friday!

What are you all dressing up as?

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