Dirty 30: the aching back.

Lower back pain is a lil bitch.
Lower back pain is a lil bitch.

Here we are, at the start of another week. And, I’m excited to say that I’m starting a new series here on the blog: “Dirty 30.” Dirty 30 is going to focus on all of the shitty things that happen once you turn 30. What a joy, right?

The first Dirty 30 installment is on back pain. Because my back hurts like every day. About six months before I turned 30, a friend told me that as SOON as he woke up on his 30th birthday, his whole body was in pain — like, he wished for a wheelchair.

Truthfully, I’ve had back pain, and other body pains, for years. Whether it be from the gym, sleeping weird, or simply stress, it’s no real shocker when I wake up and reach for the pain meds.

But many of my friends have said that back pain has kicked in as of late. So, what gives?

According to the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases, back pain is more common the older you get, particularly at age 30 and 40. Back pain is also most common in those who are less fit and/or unhealthy. It can also be a part of heredity.

You can avoid back pain by staying fit, and avoiding heavy lifting.

Hmm. That seems like a crock of shit. So, back pain doesn’t just happen? Because I feel like I wakeup on multiple mornings not understanding why I’m hobbling around in so much pain.

Nevertheless, how are we supposed to get relief?

There’s the obvious pain killers, hot and cold packs, yoga, gentle exercise, and sitting in a hot tub. Quick! Where are all my friends with hot tubs?

I suppose my new hobby of hip hop dance isn’t the best solution for my back troubles, but that’s just going to be something I deal with later.

If you’ve got remedies for back pain that isn’t listed, leave it in the comments! And, if you’ve got topic ideas for “Dirty 30,” I’d love to hear them: shoot me a message at: holly@thebitterlemon.com

Meanwhile, I caught up on “Scream Queens” yesterday… what the hell is that show? Seems like Gossip Girl plus Jawbreaker plus Legally Blonde. I dunno…

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