Dating through mutual friends.

Is it possible to meet your match through mutual friends?
Is it possible to meet your match through mutual friends?

Last weekend, my fantastic and beautiful hair stylist (and friend) Lydia (she’s at the Garrett Neal Studio, you should call her!), reminded me that the BEST way to meet someone special is through mutual friends.

I do think it’s a smart move, but there are even studies behind it, saying that it’s statistically how most married people have met their partner.

According to a 2,373-person survey conducted by Mic in March using Google Consumer Surveys, more 18- to 34-year-olds met their current significant others through mutual friends than through any other means, including dating apps — close to 39% of respondents said they met “through friends in common,” closely followed by 22% who said they met “out in a social setting.”

In the article, it also mentions that 40% of those people in relationships started off as friends first (meh, I’m not really a huge fan of this idea, but… science).

Okay, I get it, meet through mutual friends, but WHY is this such a great idea? Turns out, there’s a few reasons:

  • You trust your friends. Your friends aren’t going to lead you astray, right? Plus, your friends know you and they probably know the type of person you should date.
  • It’s more casual. Meeting in a group setting, when you already have at least one thing in common (the friend) is a little easier.
  • It’s long-lasting. Of course, this may not be entirely true, as things can always go south. But, the study showed that dating apps like Tinder still have their place in the world for quick hookups, while dating a mutual friend has more potential for something long-term.

So, there you have it! And now, I’m ready for y’all to introduce me to all of your amazing guy friends… 😉


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